MLB: Angels fans threw a trash can onto the field during José Altuve’s shift (Video)

The fanatics of the Angels Los Angeles left with everything and threw a trash can into the field while the Venezuelan Jose Altuve consumed turn in the game against the Astros of Houston at Angels Stadium in LA MLB.

In the day Monday that faced the Houston Astros with the Angels Los Angeles, there was a very unfortunate event that I hope will not happen again in a ball park.

By the eighth inning he was consuming turn Jose Altuve when a group of fans in the center field bleachers threw a full trash can onto the field, towards the center field area.

Of course the game was paralyzed to put things in order and while they collected the rubble, but on the one hand the staff worked to clean the field, in the same sector they threw an object similar to a drum, which generated a true pandemonium in the fanatic present.

Definitely the cheating scandal is not something that will be forgotten overnight, but these fans had that little surprise in store for them. Astros from Altuve and now that the Californians have started the season on the right foot (4-1) matched with the siderales for first place in the American League West Division.