The Big leagues and ice hockey the NHL They would also analyze playing the rest of their regular seasons and playoffs, despite the pandemic of Covid-19 that places the United States in the first place of infected and in the third place of deaths worldwide.

The MLB analyzes, according to the portal The Athletic, play their regular season in the stadiums they use in the spring training camps, which are located in Florida and Arizona, mainly.

The measures, as revealed by the same portal, would be to quarantine the players and then play the games without an audience, but being televised by the US networks.

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The NHLFor its part, it has also considered the same option, as reported by the Sportsnet portal. Only that league would seek to continue their league, since it had already started its regular phase.

Even the directors of the contest thought of North Dakota, a state that does not have so many infected to try to play the games. The chosen venue, leaked that same portal, would be the Ralph Engelsatd Arena, of the University of North Dakota, to carry out the remaining games, including its postseason.

They would also seek to isolate the players previously and play the matches behind closed doors.

The NBA also thought about carrying out this same idea in recent days in venues such as Las Vegas or the Bahamas, according to the Sports Illustrated portal. However, there has been no progress on this project.