Mixed opening on Wall Street after the unemployment requests were known

Futures on the upside after Fed minutes and S&P 500 highs

In the US, the minutes of the March meeting of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC), minutes that did nothing more than confirm that, for the time being, the US central bank will continue to support the country’s economy, keeping its current ultra-lax monetary policies unchanged.

The majority of the committee considers that the employment and inflation targets established by the Fed are still far from being reached. In addition, almost all of them downplayed the specific rebound that inflation is expected to experience in the coming months, classifying it as temporary.

This Thursday before the opening of Wall Street, the requests for unemployment assistance in the US have been known that have reached 744â ????. 000, higher than expected.

Wall Street closed this Wednesday on mixed ground, with little variation compared to the previous day, but enough for one of its main indicators, the S&P 500, to register a record after the minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve were known.

The S&P 500 rose 0.15% or 6.01 points to 4,079.95 units, while the Dow Jones Industrials rose 0.05% or 6.02 points to 33,446.26.

For its part, the Nasdaq composite index, which brings together the most important technology companies in the market, ended in the red with a slight decline of 0.07% or 9.54 points, to 13,688.84 units.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed today with a decrease of 0.07% in its main indicator, the Nikkei, due to concern about the rebound in coronavirus cases in Tokyo and other regions of the country. The Nikkei ended the day with a decline of 21.08 points, to 29,708.98 integers, while the broader Topix index, which brings together the securities with the highest capitalization, those in the first section, lost 15.57 points or 0.79%, up to 1,951.86 integers.

The benchmark index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Hang Seng, closed today with gains of 1.16% in a day marked by optimism due to the promise of senior officials from the US Federal Reserve to maintain flexible policies to underpin the recovery after the pandemic.

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The selective added 333.27 points to 29,008.07, while the index that measures the behavior of mainland Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong stock market, the Hang Seng China Enterprises, advanced 0.35%.

This Thursday the initial applications for unemployment benefits from the United States will be known, while the president of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, will appear during the day.

The US Treasury released more details about its fiscal plans on Wednesday. The minimum corporate tax of 15% proposed last week by Janet Yellen will only apply to companies with annual revenues of more than $ 2 billion, instead of the $ 100 million announced last year.

JPMorgan Chase & Co CEO Jamie Dimon said Wednesday that the United States may be heading for an economic boom through 2023 if more adults get vaccinated and federal spending continues.

The order book of the German industry rose 1.2% in February compared to the previous month and 5.6% in year-on-year terms, according to provisional data released today by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

Regarding vaccination, Australia recommends the use of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for people under 50 years of age instead of the injection manufactured by AstraZeneca, according to the Government of the country on Thursday, which represents a change in its recommendation for people considered to be at higher risk.

At the business level, the Chinese virtual travel agency Trip.com will go public in Hong Kong on April 19 in an operation that would bring in some 1,353 million dollars (1,140 million euros), the company reported today. In a statement sent to the Hong Kong stock market, the company, which is already listed on the US Nasdaq, announced that it will sell 31.6 million shares at a maximum price of 333 Hong Kong dollars (42.8 dollars, 36 euros).

Dutch tech Prosus NV has sold 2% of Tencent for $ 14.7 billion, the Chinese gaming and social media giant said on Thursday.

ACS, through its subsidiary Turner and together with MCN Build, has been awarded the construction of a new hospital in Washington DC (USA), which is valued at more than 315 million euros (375 million dollars).