MIUI 12 presents changes in the camera, when will your cell phone be updated?

There are several modifications in the design of the Xiaomi MIUI 12 camera, which will make the interface of smartphones even more attractive.

Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 is ready to unveil its changes, but it is still in beta in China.

For now, we can show you what the main camera modifications would be, according to Gizmodo.

The changes to the MIUI 12 camera

The location of a new More section, which specifically works with photo, video or portrait. His style is different from the circles that were in the past.
There is a so-called Beauty Mode for video calls, which works directly with WeChat.
Increased the size of the blocks for camera functions, now becoming two columns. There is, however, the option to revert to the previous design.

Previously there was talk of another modification in the camera, which is the Magic Clone function. It consists of the multiplication of a person in a scene, something very similar to “Cloning” in Photoshop.
There is also a new effect, which is called Magic Kaleidoscope. Simulate the kaleidoscope effect with image decomposition.
Also, film camera texture can be added to images.

When will your phone be updated?

All these changes will be available on your phone, possibly for the month of December. Already in China the beta version of the MIUI 12 update is rolling.