‘Mission Impossible 7’: Tom Cruise speaks out about his anger at the team over the COVID-19 protocols

“If I see you do it again, you are fired.” That’s how strong Tom Cruise was with his ‘Mission Impossible 7’ team when it discovered that the security protocols put in place on the set, with the aim of keeping COVID-19 at bay, were not being properly respected. The loud anger provoked numerous reactions when its corresponding audio was leaked on the Internet, a fragment of the rapapound that tried to portray Cruise as a tyrant.

At the time this star, who in addition to being the protagonist of the ‘Mission Impossible’ saga is a producer, did not want to comment on the matter, but now he has finally reacted, in statements to Empire, showing zero regret. So before that “they are looking at us and we are an example to make their films. We are creating thousands of jobs, motherfuckers. I never want to see him again. Never!“, this interpreter wanted to emphasize that he said what he said, transmitting that his perception has not changed and that he continues to consider that that was a necessary wake-up call because “there was a lot at stake”.

Settling the matter

Cruise has acknowledged that that moment of tension on his part, or of leadership in questionable ways, happened more or less as it leaked, but he wanted to point out that he did not “scold” at all randomly all those who were taking part in the shooting of this film directed by Christopher McQuarrie. The wake-up call was such “but it wasn’t my whole team. I made the team leave the set, and I only stayed with select people.”

This actor also adds that that conversation was especially necessary because at the time there was “a rebound” of cases in the United Kingdom, where they were working, and that from that tense moment things did not go wrong again: “We did not have to stop again”.

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