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Every action sequence carries risks, be it a simple hand-to-hand fight or a car chase, but the set of any installment of Mission: Impossible – 61% is already of another level. The franchise has become famous for its intrepid and elaborate stunt sequences and in the most recent one, a cameraman nearly fell from a moving train, thankfully the harness he was wearing and Tom Cruise prevented a disaster.

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According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Mission Impossible 7 is currently filming in Yorkshire, England, and while filming a sequence in which Tom cruise running on a moving train one of the camera operators lost his balance and staggered while taking a shot also on the roof of the train. Obviously, like the rest of the team, the cameraman was restrained with a safety harness.

However, the actor saw that his partner was having trouble getting back on his feet and decided to run to help him. In the images, Cruise is seen helping him up again and that the operator was attached to the train. There was probably not much risk of him falling off the train as much as hanging from it, but it is always better to prevent any incidents.

There are very few details about the plot of MI7But now we know that at some point Ethan Hunt and Hayley Atwell’s character will have to race over a steam train. It seems that the sequence was concluded this week, since the director Christopher McQuarrie has published on his Instagram account an image of the shoot thanking the owners of the train and the population for allowing them to film there.

The small preview is ironic as it shows Ethan Hunt himself holding onto the edge of the train, as the cameraman himself did after losing his balance. This is not the first time Cruise has had to hold onto a moving vehicle. On Mission: Impossible Secret Nation – 93%, also directed by McQuarrie, the actor held onto the door of a plane taking off. That was one of the great sequences in the fifth film and it was barely outmatched by the risky helicopter chase that followed in Mission: Impossible – Repercussion – 98%, in which the interpreter hung up on one of them before following up on the character of Henry Cavill, who was trying to escape in another.

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McQuarrie has been the only director who has returned for more than one film and seems to get along very well with the intrepid Cruise, since he shot to make this and its sequel. Both were originally to be shot one after the other, but the pandemic caused severe delays that thwarted those plans. However, the idea is still to have the eighth film ready by the end of 2022 and with just one year between each one.

This means that Mission Impossible 7 is still underway to conclude its production before the end of the year to premiere on May 27, 2022 and Mission Impossible 8 It is slated to premiere in July 2023. Simon Pegg is expected to return for both as is Vanessa Kirby and has been joined by Nicholas Hoult and Pom Klementieff. Fortunately, the shoot has been accident free.

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