Wimbledon 2020 you have closed just before it starts. It is so sad, but a reality to which we must get used to and for which we prepare ourselves by gathering old parties, remembering great moments under the grass of the All England Tennis Club and sharing experiences lived either in London or from the living room. It is not only a hard process for the fans: also for the protagonists, from tennis players to coaches, commentators and, in general, those who ensure that every year Wimbledon Be unforgettable.

Many of them have taken it upon themselves to put their feelings on paper in a great compilation article from The Times. Figures like Petra Kvitova or Annabel Croft express their disappointment, their hope for the future or what the cancellation of the London event has meant. There is a certain consensus on one thing: everyone will miss Wimbledon this year.

– Petra Kvitova: “The first day of Wimbledon is very special for me. When I arrive at the All England Tennis Club, I can feel the history. I see the entrance, the exterior courts, the dressing room and then the Center Court. The memories and how I felt after winning in 2011 and 2014 fly to my mind and are very beautiful emotions. Also, I love the British sense of humor. Everyone is friendly, but also very professional and strict with the rules.

I’m going to miss him so much this year. The beautiful grass, the excitement of playing on the big tracks, the strawberries and cream, the rented house we stay in every year. Wimbledon has always been like being at home. “

– Jamie Delgado (He played 23 years in a row at Wimbledon, now coach of Andy Murray): “It is one of the best days in the tennis calendar. Everyone feels good and there is a mixture of nerves, hope and emotion. Everything that happens on the grass tour precedes Wimbledon and suddenly you are already there. The sensations are magnified in the All England Club, it is a day like no other.

I will miss the opportunity to see Andy Playing on the Center Court for the first time since 2017. One of his main goals is to get back to having great performances at the Grand Slams, and there is nothing bigger than Wimbledon. He really wanted to play again in front of his audience, in a surface and conditions that suit him well. With all that has happened regarding her hip, it would have been amazing to be able to come back this year. “

– Annabel Croft (extenista and reputed television commentator): “There is incredible emotion and noise in the morning. The atmosphere is totally different at Wimbledon for the nature of this tournament, the history, for all that it means. When I walk through the main gates, I always wonder who will hold the champion trophy after two weeks. “

– Richard Lewis (CEO of the All England Tennis Club): “It is the culmination of a whole year of work and preparation in a single moment. There is a great team working day and night to provide the best possible experience to all who come, and there is a enormous satisfaction of doing our job despite all the working hours.

It is exciting, after all the preparation (the grass tournaments, the pre-match, the players arriving at the pre-tournament training week), to see how the tournament is going. But there is also a little scared. There are always people working at Wimbledon for the first time, and there are always technical glitches on the first day, especially when we have redesigned facilities that are put into operation for the first time. “

– Neil Stubley (Head of the managers of the All England Tennis Club): “The first day draws the curtain on 12 months of work, since the end of last year’s tournament, at which point we began to prepare the courts. The peak moment of stress arrives between winter and spring, and all that comes together just the first day. You wait for the first ball to finally hit to feel a little more relaxed