Miss Universe: Who is Laura Olascuaga Miss Colombia?

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The final stretch begins to choose the most beautiful new woman in the universe. The 69th edition of this contest held in the post-pandemic, has confined to the luxurious Hard Rock hotel on the outskirts of Miami in the United States, all the candidates who claim to win the title this Sunday, May 16, in a coronation evening that It will start at 8:00 pm local time in Miami.

As usual, Latinas stand out for their beauty, their bearing and their catwalk within the contest, and this year one of the candidates who is treading hard is Laura Victoria Olascuaga, a candidate representing Colombia, and who not only has thousands of followers, but also appears in the list of reinologists as one of the most chosen candidates to win the title of Miss Universe 2021.

This is what “En Casa con Telemundo” said, where the program did not rule out the coastal queen from being the winner in this edition, as she is “very prepared and has experience in these contests,” according to El Tiempo.

Who is Laura Victoria Olascuaga?

Laura is a 25-year-old young woman from Cartagena who is 1.80 meters tall, a social communication professional and journalist from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla. From Huila grandparents, the candidate carries in her blood both the Afro-Caribbean rhythms and that of the beautiful San Juan.

Miss Colombia is a queen of queens, in 2018, in the month of November, as a model she participated to be Miss Colombia 2018-19, but only managed to be crowned as the second most beautiful woman in her country after the representative for the Valle del Cauca, Gabriela Tafur.

Four days later, Laura submitted the resignation of her title as Virreina de Colombia, a decision for which hundreds of criticisms rained down on her, classifying her as a bad loser.

However, two years later, her perseverance led her to insist and present herself in a new contest in 2020. This time the Miss Universe Colombia franchise gave her the opportunity to participate for the accreditation of being the only representative to Miss Universo, a contest that Laura won, and that is now allowing her to fulfill her dream of being the representative for her country in this reign.

Her preparation as Miss Colombia

Laura Olascuaga had to prepare in record time to participate in this beauty reign, physically she was under coach Miguel Ángel Márquez, who helped her to have a more voluminous figure by having to gain a little weight.

“The queen trains between five and six days a week, one hour each day. Training is very important to Laura, she says “not only for my physical appearance, but also for my health. Also, when I exercise I release a lot of stress and I relax a little from all the load of the day and it fills me with energy, ”said Miss.

As for the intellectual part, according to Universal, the Colombian receives intensive English classes, but more than that a comprehensive preparation that in the words of one of her English teachers “will highlight Laura’s qualities and make her shine before the universe. ”.

Laura is currently in a twelve-week program in which she is trained with all the essential tools when it comes to communicating and answering questions in the best way in the competition. With this program she gets all the tools a queen needs to be able to shine and be victorious. According to the medium mentioned above.

“Laura is an incredible woman, she has a discipline and a desire that are essential in a queen and we are sure that with the tools she has been acquiring in English she will shine even more.”

For her part, the candidate for Miss Universe said that “I am very excited and focused on my preparation, this has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I am delighted with my team of trainers because all the time they make me feel that I am already in competition, there are no rest days, but frankly everything is worth having that crown on my head, so when they give us the date of Miss Universe, I will be ready to receive it ”, he concluded.

Likewise, the queen expressed through Hoy Diario Magdalena that “My preparation is beyond just physical preparation. Although we are talking about a beauty pageant, the concept of beauty thanks to Miss Universe changed a few years ago. They chose to stop objectifying women and today they dignify us. By being in complete agreement with them, my preparation is very authentic. That is, day by day I must learn to know myself better so that I can show a real Laura and not stiff. I am soaking up what happens every day in my country, because my duty is to be a great ambassador for my Colombia and I am in intensive English classes, from Monday to Friday, with a British teacher ”.

Miss Colombia, “A Wave of Love”

Laura’s coronation as Miss Universe Colombia was not well received by many Colombians, so the queen from the first moment was a victim of cyberbullying and bullying.

This circumstance led the queen to create a campaign that would reach all those who suffer in silence from cyber attacks, becoming the spokesperson for those who cannot raise their voices, to tell them that they are not alone. In fact #unaoladeamor is the first campaign that a Colombian queen has carried out against this issue.

“Transform the negative into positive and if not everyone loves you, negative criticism turns in your favor” is one of the phrases of the Ola de Amor decalogue.

With a “Wave of Love”, Miss Universe Colombia was invited to various international and national events as one of the panelists. She was at the First Social Management Summit of the south of Cesar, where the issue of ‘Gender violence and cyberbullying in the southern area’ was discussed, as well as was invited to participate in the Leadership Forum: The power of being woman. Virtually with the support of Keizer University Latin America Campus, under the slogan ‘Breaking paradigms of women’s leadership’. According to Mundo Noticias.

Finally, Laura Victoria Olascuaga Pinto, expressed that she wants to be a good ambassador for Colombia, and develop the best role of her life to take the scepter and the Miss Universe crown to her country for the third time.

“Being Miss Universe Colombia has been my dream from a very young age; but, as time went by, I understood that this dream had become a life mission. I realized that I not only wanted to represent the beauty of Colombian women, I want to represent the beauty of my country, talk about the greatness of my nation, because I am convinced that from this role we can achieve great positive changes for society ”. He pointed out.


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