Photo: The beauty queen had had a difficult life / Instagram

A beauty queen killed herself at 23. Amber Lee Friis, who was Miss Universe finalist representing New Zealand, committed suicide on Monday, as reported by Daily Mail. The young woman was a finalist of the contest in 2018 and traveled to Thailand at the age of 21 for the Miss Universe gala.

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The agents of the model in The Talent Tree expressed that were “devastated” by their loss.

Photo: Amber in a photo posted on her instagram.

The president of the Miss World New Zealand organization Nigel Godfrey described her as a “genuine” girl full of life, with a noble heart. A day before the tragedy, the young woman shared a photo with her sister on their social networks. His followers on social networks have expressed their pain at the news of his death.

The beauty queen had confessed that had been a victim of bullying at school and that they made fun of her for her slimy eyes and brown skin.

The facts

He also had a life full of deficiencies and he said that there were days when there was no food in his house. “I remember sitting in my room one night thinking about how difficult life can be,” she told Stuff magazine. “When you are young, you feel like you have the burden of the world on your shoulders.”

Photo: Amber in one of her presentations at the national / Instagram contest Amber.

The young woman too battled against being overweight as a teenager. At 15 she moved in with her boyfriend and worked in a pizzeria while studying mechanics. Amber says she never imagined she would become a beauty queen.

Amber confessed that “I looked at everything with negativity”But her vision changed after starting to go to a gym, lose weight and start believing in herself. The young woman she was an unconventional beauty queen, proudly displaying her tattoos. Amber conquered with her vibrant and authentic personality. “We lost a beautiful young woman who will be missed by many,” said Tracey-Maree Houia, the owner of The Talent Tree agency that represented the model. Rest in peace.