Miss Universe 2021: What happened to Steve Harvey?

Getty Images Steve Harvey speaks onstage during the 2019 Miss Universe pageant at Tyler Perry Studios on December 08, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Miss Universe organization announced that Steve Harvey will no longer be the presenter of the 69th edition of the beauty pageant to be held in Florida, United States. The replacement of this comedian will be the American actor Mario López and the former American Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. This event will be held on Sunday, May 16 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Miami.

Steve Harvey has been repeatedly criticized as his humor often crosses boundaries, including macho, sexist, racist and offensive comments. For his part, Steve assured on his social networks that he will return as the presenter of the contest in the 70th edition of the contest.

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In 2015 the presenter starred in one of the most memorable moments of Miss Universe, when he named Ariadna Gutiérrez as Miss Colombia but minutes later he announced that it had been a mistake and that the real winner was the Philippines.


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What happened to Steve Harvey, host of Miss Universe?

The evening of the parade and coronation of the Miss Universe 2021 is approaching, and among the details that the organization of the contest announced, is the fact that, for this version, the number 69, the already well-known comedian Steve Harvey does not It will be his master of ceremony, but the actor Mario López and the former Miss Universe 2012, Olivia culpo.

The American Broderick Stephen, known as “Steve” Harvey, was the driver of the majestic event from 2015 to 2019, but very contrary to what the world believed, after the presenter made the biggest mistake within the editions of the In the contest, the following Galas continued to have their presence, prevailing the contract signed between the famous, FOX, IMG and the Miss Universe Organization, for a season of five years.
At the time, in 2015, Steve Harvey said of the hiring: “I am excited to host this iconic event for the first time,” according to CNN.

The bad time of Steve Harvey and Ariadna Gutiérrez

There is no follower in the world of reigns who does not remember the “big blunder” of the Miss Universe 2015 emcee.

The most anticipated moment of the night arrived, and the presenter Steve Harvey, after making several jokes throughout the evening, had to announce the winner of the contest. There were only two finalists left, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. Harvey finally announced that the new Miss Universe 2015 was Miss Colombia.

However, it did not take long, for Ariadna already having the crown and the scepter that attributed this title to her, and after approaching to console her Filipino companion as a viceroy, again the presenter burst onto the stage to say that he had committed an error, that they excused it but that the Miss Universe was not Ariadna Gutiérrez but the representative, Pía Wurtzbach, from the Philippines.

This embarrassing and humiliating moment will surely not forget the Colombian: Friends, I have to apologize. “The first runner-up is Miss Colombia, Miss Universe 2015 is the Philippines,” Harvey said to everyone’s surprise and to the astonished face of the real winner, the Filipino candidate.

That’s exactly what it said on the card. I am responsible for it, it was my mistake, ”Harvey lamented. Who said: “I take responsibility for this, it was my mistake, it’s on the card,” said the presenter. “But I can show you, the first runner-up is Colombia, it’s my mistake … I feel very bad, please don’t blame the girls.”

But not only the presenter made a mistake in the evening, Harvey’s bad night continued when he again made a mistake when apologizing to the Colombian people who were already quite upset, writing a tweet in which he apologized to “Miss Columbia” that refers to the state of the United States, instead of writing “Miss Colombia”, referring to the South American country.

Of the embarrassing moment that was lived that night of coronation, one of the judges of the contest, Pérez Hilton, told several media, including the ABC network, that Steve Harvey had not appeared for the rehearsals of the final part of the contest and that in change was partying in the city of Las Vegas.

It should be noted that the bad taste jokes towards Colombia continued in Miss Universe 2019, when Harvey called Gabriela Tafur, Miss Colombia at the time, to join the group of 20 finalists, the host wanted to be funny and pretended to be nervous about her presence. Immediately afterwards, he indicated the note card to show him that, indeed, it said the name of Colombia.

“Here it is written, here it is,” said the presenter. Tafur, with a smile, asked him: “Are you sure you read correctly, or am I going back? (…) I just forgive you ”. In response to Ms. Colombia’s response, Harvey said: “You do forgive me, but the cartel people are upset with me, and they are not taking it in the same way,” referring to drug cartels, El Tiempo reported.

Steve Harvey at his job as a boss

This famous character born in Virginia, son of Isaí Harvey, a coal miner and Eloise, a housewife, from childhood dreamed of being like Bill Cosby. To People magazine he confessed: ?? “I always knew that what I knew was to make people laugh ??”.

But as El País narrates, without contacts or a clear idea of ​​how to get to show business, he worked as an insurance salesman, was a frustrated boxer, a carpet cleaner and even a postman. And every time a job failed him, he looked for a different job. The idea was to occupy, rather than to worry. He even wanted to be a singer.

However, after so many frustrations in 1985, his projects as a presenter and comedian began to take off, and little by little he made his way in the entertainment world, until he finally managed to have a television program in the United States called “The Steve Harvey Show. ”, Where he is shown as a funny and kind person who gives advice.

But all that kindness was blurred when Harvey sent an email to his work team, in which he established the rules that his employees must follow in order to speak with him or, rather, not to communicate with him. According to the Entrepreneur portal, it details that the new rules arrived when The Steve Harvey Show ended its production in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles. Thus, most of Harvey’s team in Chicago would not accompany him in California because, according to various sources, Harvey did not even ask them. In fact, he barely told them that they were no longer going to work with him.

Among the gaps in the demands placed on its staff, the following stand out:

– There will be no meetings in my dressing room. Nobody enters or looks for me there. Don’t come into my dressing room unless I invite you. Don’t open my dressing room door. If you open the door, consider yourselves fired.

– Do not approach me while I am in makeup unless I ask to speak to you directly.

– Knock on the door or use the bell.

– Don’t wait for me in the hall to talk to me. I hate being ambushed.

– Do not be offended by this new way of working. It is for the sake of my personal life and enjoyment. Thank you all, Steve Harvey.

Finally, despite the fact that many missed the comedian and presenter, he spoke on the Miss Universe Facebook page, just in these days that the 69th version of the contest is taking place, saying that he will surely return.

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