Miss Oaxaca arrested for deprivation of liberty!

Miss Mexicana arrested for deprivation of liberty! (Instagram)

Miss Mexicana arrested for deprivation of liberty! | Instagram

Once again the world of beauty and models has been affected because an important representative and beauty queen from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, the beautiful Laura N has recently been detained by the authorities because she is associated with a criminal group that specialized in the deprivation of liberty of certain people, in other words the kidnapping.

Laura N was Miss Oaxaca 2018 Surely you did not know but from the moment a beautiful woman wins an event of this type, she has approximately a year in which she proudly maintains the title by attending certain events as a representative, later that title must be delivered for another model or in this case Miss is its predecessor.

In 2020 in Colombia Laura N was crowned as “International Coffee Queen“Surely you already knew but in the southern part of the country a lot of coffee is produced and even this has managed to be sent to other parts of Mexico and it would not even be a surprise that it has also been internationalized and exported to other countries.

As representative and with the title of “International Coffee Queen” Laura N She had the opportunity to travel to other countries and promote the coffee from that country from which she was crowned.

The young woman in the company of two other individuals were arrested on suspicion of belonging to a gang of kidnappers who were located in the states of both Veracruz and Oaxaca, the place of origin of the young model and beauty queen.

It was said through the prosecution that through an operation organized by the UECS (Specialized Unit in Combating the Secu3stro) that the young model would be imprisoned like the other two people for two months due to as indicated in the National Code of Criminal Procedures, in article 167 Causes of origin, paragraph 3 where it is mentioned that the judge will request preventive detention ex officio for this type of crime.

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During this time, the case of the beauty queen will be studied, however when facing a trial, Laura N could spend from forty to eighty years in prison and from one thousand to four thousand days of fine according to the General Law to Prevent and Punish Crimes in Securing Matters … In its chapter II Of Secu3stro Matters, article 9, of course, these may also be aggravated depending on the situation in which the accused appear.

Through a statement shared by the Attorney General of the State of Veracruz, which is in strict commitment to ensure the security of society in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, because it is in that territory where a large percentage of deprivation of liberty of those who reside in it.

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According to the Forbes Mexico portal, Veracruz is one of the states in all of Mexico with the highest number of abductions, in addition to the State of Mexico and Mexico City in 2018 and 2019, especially of women, which in the The beauty queen’s case varied a bit.

Some news media claim that Laura N was perfect to attract potential victims, with the aim of being able to take advantage to act against her later, it is also said that the people who were attracted to the beautiful model were wealthy people who could easily pay for a ransom.

The news of the arrest of the model and beauty queen impacted her followers on Instagram 24,300 approximately, although of course it affected her family even more, because everything seemed normal and decent with Laura N because she had a degree in Administration and was still studying a master’s degree in finance, also had a relationship with various charities and cancer aid.