Misa Rodríguez received insults for a tweet about Asensio

04/07/2021 at 12:04 CEST

Social networks continue to leave unfortunate situations in the world of women’s football. This time it was the goalkeeper of Real Madrid Mass Rodriguez who had to endure several very offensive comments after posting a photo of Marco Asensio during the course of Real Madrid-Liverpool.

The Canarian goalkeeper wanted to publish an image of Asensio celebrating the goal he scored against Liverpool on Tuesday next to one of hers celebrating an action on the pitch. “Same passion”, he wrote tagging both the female and male Real Madrid accounts.

Soon after, Misa had to delete the tweet after the multiple offensive messages she received. “Someone tell him that he is not going to take it”, “same desire to embed it” or “same sexual orientation” were some of the comments that the Real Madrid goalkeeper had to endure.

Misa Rodríguez is concentrated with the Spanish team of Jorge Vilda at the moment, with whom he plans to play two international friendlies against Mexico and the Netherlands.