Mirtha Legrand is back: the host will return to her program to share the table with Juana Viale

Juana Viale and Mirtha Legrand Juana Viale and Mirtha Legrand

It is ruled out that it will be Mirtha Legrand who sits at the head of the table. Although, since it has been occupying that place since March 21, perhaps it could be the first time that Joan Viale She is the hostess and the diva, to her right, is the only guest on the show. Why not? Be that as it may, the truth is that after spending nine months confined by the coronavirus pandemic, the driver of Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand Y The Night of Mirtha I would be willing to return to the El Trece cycle.

After publicly confessing her fear of being exposed to the contagion of COVID-19 as a person at risk, Chiquita decided to leave her granddaughter in charge of her two cycles. And the actress gladly accepted the replacement, thinking that in a couple of weeks her grandmother would drive her tables again as she has been doing for more than fifty years. However, the Argentine quarantine was extended much longer than everyone expected. And, to this day, Mirtha still couldn’t get back to work.

It is true that the risk of contagion remains latent. And that until Nacho Viale, producer of both cycles, said that he had to go through the disease in September. However, the same grandson of the diva released the news about his return to the screen through an enigmatic tweet. “12/19”, says the post, implying that this would be the date of Mirtha’s return. And then there are four emojies: a blonde face that represents the diva, a television that indicates the return to the program, a set of cutlery that marks that she is going to dinner, and a dark-haired face that symbolizes Juana.

Nacho Viale's tweet Nacho Viale’s tweet

Obviously, In the Estudio Mayor facilities, from where the Mirtha program is broadcast, they have all the necessary protocols to guarantee the safety of the diva. Usually, the driver gets into her own car, without having contact with anyone. And, as she has done on other occasions, she can arrive dressed and made up from home, so as not to have to go through a dressing room. On the other hand, sanitizing booths were placed and all the employees of the place, except those in front of the camera, work with masks.

Last week, during the broadcast of the Sunday program, Juana had given indications about the possible return of Chiquita. “Time stopped, so before 2021, the end of 2020, we are going to propose to Mrs. Mirtha Legrand that she return to her table “he said as everyone in the studio started clapping. And then he sentenced: “We cannot dismiss the year from Mirtha’s table, without Mirtha “.

It should be remembered that the last few months have been really very difficult for the driver. The confinement not only distressed her because of the fact that she could not have the social life that characterizes her, but also because it prevented her from firing her twin sister, Goldy, who died on May 1st in compulsory social isolation. That was, without a doubt, a very hard blow for Legrand. Above all, because he could not even receive the supportive embrace of his loved ones.

Mirtha with her grandchildren, Juana and Nacho Mirtha with her grandchildren, Juana and Nacho


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