In 2019 we knew that Miriam Sánchez had undergone surgery in the summer to perform various aesthetic operations with which to change your physique. These changes impacted many, but she assured that she did not care what they said. However, the operations of the former porn actress have not ended and she plans undergo vaginoplasty.

Miriam Sánchez in her video for the CEME clinic

The winner of ‘2008 Survivors’ and the clinic where the operation will take place have shared a video in their respective Instagram accounts in which debunk the myths of gynecoaesthetics. In this way, several users of the social network were asking him about the operation he was going to undergo and what was the reason for it. Both parties explained that the intervention is indicated for women who suffer « a weakening of the support of the pelvic organs and a widening of the vagina ».

Debunking myths

But within this explanation, Sánchez wanted to destroy myths about the origin of the enlargement of the vagina in women. « The vagina deteriorates from childbirth, not from having too much sex« He explained, trying to normalize and make it clear that nothing happens because of having many sexual relations. In short, he explained what are the consequences that he could suffer from not undergoing surgery, which would be uterine prolapse, that is, bladder dropping and displacement, urinary incontinence, and less enjoyment when having sex.

Miriam Sánchez assures that with this intervention her quality of life and her self-esteem will improve, reason why several of the followers have wanted to know the price of said operation. The aesthetic clinic itself responded to these, revealing the rates: « The price of the labiaplasty is 1,600 euros or 2,500 euros with a laser«