One of the most exciting and unforgettable moments in the history of Corinthians turns eight this Saturday. On May 23, 2012, a sequence of unforgettable moves led Timão to the Libertadores semifinals in the dramatic victory over Vasco by 1-0 in Pacaembu, for the return match of the quarterfinals. This was another step by Alvinegro from Parque São Jorge in the historic campaign in the continental competition of that season.

Paulinho scored the winning goal and the exciting classification of Corinthians (Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / .)

Photo: Lance!

With the tie 0-0 in the first game of the quarterfinals, in São Januário, in Rio de Janeiro, Corinthians needed a simple victory to guarantee a place in the semifinals. However, the game reserved many emotions for Fiel.

Coach Tite climbed: Cássio; Alessandro, Chicão, Leandro Castan and Fabio Santos; Ralf, Paulinho, Danilo, Alex, Jorge Henrique and Emerson Sheik. Willian, in the place of Jorge Henrique, and Liédson, in the place of Emerson Sheik, also entered the second half. In the first half the game was very truncated, with little chance for both sides. The second half was also very nervous, until the moment of a move that made Pacaembu silent for a few seconds.

The Corinthians fans suffered with Diego Souza’s free run towards Timão’s goal. There was nothing to be heard but the footsteps of Vasco’s player. Many thought of the worst, but Cássio was there to transform the goal of the Parque São Jorge club into a wall. With his fingertips, the goalkeeper saved his opponent’s Vasco kick and drove Fiel to madness.

After the shock, the Corinthians fans ignited Pacaembu, but another fact contributed to the Corinthians’ apprehension: Tite had been expelled due to a complaint. Contrary to what many coaches do, the black-and-white commander did not go to a box and preferred to be allocated in the stadium bleachers. From there, the coach followed with Fiel the unforgettable goal that sealed Timão’s classification for the semifinals of the Libertadores.

The clock said 42 minutes in the second half. In black and white pressure, Alex went for a corner kick. Fiel was supporting him when Paulinho climbed more than Vasco’s defense and, with a solid test, made Pacaembu explode. In the stands, Tite celebrated in the arms of the Corinthians fans. Shirt 8 went straight to the fence, where he celebrated a lot and was embraced by a fan.

With the head goal of the goal scorer, Timão conquered the historic classification, and thus gained morale in the final stretch of Libertadores., Both to beat the strong Santos de Neymar in the semifinal, and Boca, de Riquelme, in the final.

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