Minister Wado de Pedro was in charge of informing Alberto Fernández that Jorge Brito had died when his helicopter fell in Salta

Alberto Fernández congratulates Biden as the next president of the United StatesAlberto Fernández and behind his spokesman Juan Pablo Biondi (.I0500 /)

Alberto Fernández was preparing to start his first meeting to adjust his speech before the G20 that begins tomorrow in Saudi Arabia, when he received a call from Pedro’s Eduardo “Wado” from Buenos Aires. The Interior Minister informed the President that the banker Jorge Brito had died as a result of the fall of his helicopter in an inhospitable place in Salta. The head of state had known the banker for a long time and consulted him several times when the negotiation with private creditors had entered a labyrinth of difficult political and financial solutions.

Following the call from Minister De Pedro, information began to flow to the Chapadmalal complex where Alberto Fernandez moved along with his partner Fabiola Yañez and his spokesperson Juan Pablo Biondi.

“At 4.15 pm, Civil Defense reported the fall of a helicopter registration LVFQN with two crew members. Pilot Jorge Britos (sic). Both deceased. The police and the prosecutor on duty were informed, ”said an ANAC report that the head of state received in his WhatsApp chat

Máximo Kirchner was also informed by the Minister of the Interior. The president of the block of the Front of All of the Chamber of Deputies is isolated at home, as he is in close contact with the Santa Cruz deputy Pablo González, head of the Constitutional Affairs Commission, who tested positive for COVID-19

Deputy Kichner did not hide his shock and sadness, since he had spoken with him yesterday and they had arranged to see each other once he came out of his isolation, which he believed could happen next week, since he still did not show symptoms of having been infected

“He was a consultant businessman and they had frequent dialogue, despite the differences they had on several occasions,” they said close to the head of the ruling bloc. In particular, Brito had voiced harsh criticism, and in public, to the Emergency Solidarity Contribution or wealth tax that the Chamber of Deputies voted this week.

Perhaps the most shocked of all is Sergio Massa, a leader with strong ties to the deceased businessman. He was at an event in Puerto Diamante, Entre Ríos, accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni. He started back when the news had not yet been known. When he found out, he informed his closest group, and closed the cell phone. “He’s made a ball,” said a member of his team who knows him well.

At 7:00 p.m., no member of the Government had spoken publicly. Neither did Governor Gustavo Sáenz, with whom Brito had the last interview.

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