Minister of the SCJN talks about legalization of marijuana


After the approval of the proposal for a general declaration of unconstitutionality with which the absolute prohibition of cannabis is eliminated and the legalization of the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes is endorsed, the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Norma Lucía Piña Hernández, pointed out that the determination must be read in all its dimensions.

In an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río for Imagen Radio, Minister Piña Hernández specified that “the Court’s decision must be read in all its dimensions. The decision about the recreational use of marijuana is a decision about freedoms, about the free development of the personality that refers to the search that each one of us makes for our self-determination ”.

He added that this decision has been well received by a part of society “because it is in this area in which neither the State nor third parties can interfere with people, because it is the most intimate sphere of the human being,” he said.

The magistrate also specified that at this time, so that marijuana can be consumed for recreational purposes, those who so wish “have to go to Cofepris to ask for its authorization, it is not that it is unregulated,” she clarified.

In addition, he mentioned that “Cofepris and the Ministry of Health will have to establish the minimum guidelines while the Congress of the Union legislates” on the regulation of its consumption.

When speaking about the minimum permits that Cofepris and the Ministry of Health will have to issue, Minister Piña Hernández specified that in the judgment itself guidelines are given to be attended, such as “pre-establish the guidelines and modalities of the acquisition of the seed and take all the necessary measures to give channel and that this right can be exercised ”.

However, he assured that “this authorization will not include in any case the permission to import, trade, supply or any other act that refers to the sale or distribution of this substance.”

He also said that this right “can not be exercised affecting third parties or against minors, or in public places where there are people who have not given their authorization,” among other points, he stressed.

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