At a time when the country registers 516 deaths and a cumulative of 18,040 confirmed cases of COVID 19, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, warned that with the second phase of economic de-escalation that began yesterday, the risk of contagion increases. The official called to be rigid in the application of mandatory preventive measures such as physical distance, avoid crowds, use of masks at work, streets, public places and where there are sick people, and hand washing.

The entrance to the second phase of the de-escalation, he pointed out, implies that more people will be circulating, increasing the risks of spread, that is why it is essential to keep alert and follow up on the preventive measures that are mandatory in this phase.

He said that the first phase concluded well, because there was no overflow of the hospital system, the case fatality rate, the positivity rate and the number of cases were reduced, and that the second phase implies high citizen and corporate responsibility so that prevention measures are maintained. effectively.

6,300 active cases

Yesterday the country had 6,300 active cases of people positive for the virus, according to the data contained in Special Bulletin number 76 of the National Epidemiology Directorate.

In the last hours it registered 288 new cases of contagion to reach a cumulative of 18,040 confirmed cases, as well as a new mortality for 516 deaths from the start of the epidemic to date.

1,647 new laboratory tests were performed for a total of 96,235 processed nationwide.

The total number of people who have recovered from the disease is 11,224.

The fatality rate 2.86 percent and the positivity rate in the last four weeks is 18.14 percent.

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