Minimum wage increase in Nevada, Oregon and Washington DC: 200,000 workers will have a higher salary

Most of the workers benefiting from this salary increase will be women.

Photo: Alexsander-777 / Pixabay

There is good news for workers in three states of the country where there will be a minimum wage increase. And is that Nevada, Oregon and Washington DC will make gradual raises, which are done little by little to avoid causing too much financial stress.

This means that about 200,000 people will earn more money, and it should be noted that the majority of workers benefited will be women. Additionally, African American and Hispanic workers will have the largest increases.

These increases will cause the states of Nevada and Oregon, as well as the city of Washington DC, to be giving salaries above the minimum that is given at the federal level, which is $ 7.25 and which has not changed since 2009.

In Nevada, now the salary that people will receive will be $ 9.75. That is, it had an initial increase of $ 0.75 cents. The salary is expected to reach $ 12 by 2024.

In the case of Oregon, the minimum wage will now be $ 12.75 per hour, since it also increased $ 0.75 cents. The minimum wage in this state is planned to reach $ 13.50 an hour by 2022.

In the case of Washington DC, the salary rose $ 0.20 cents to reach $ 15.20 dollars an hour.

These are the last entities to join the list of regions that are raising the wages of their inhabitants. And it is that, in this 2021, twenty states have increased salaries.

By the end of this year, 40 cities and counties are expected to be giving a minimum wage of at least $ 15.

Workers who earn above the minimum wage could also benefit from these increases, as once their lower-ranking colleagues earn the mandatory minimum, companies could adjust the salaries of all other employees.

Connecticut is also expected to be the next state to raise its minimum wage from $ 12 to $ 13 by August 1. And, in September, Florida’s minimum wage will increase for the second time this year to $ 10 an hour with the goal of reaching $ 15 an hour in the future.

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