Héctor J. Cruz

Since his major league debut at age 19, Cedeño showed his conditions. By those days of its signing in 1967, the Houston executives had a close relationship and working agreement with the Antún family, owner of the Orientales Stars, and for this reason Cedeño fell on that team. He was not at the 1967-68 champion club, but participated in two finals with the Greens thereafter. With Houston he was a star, exhausting every year about 500 turns, a little less, a little more. His defense and displacement were admirable and when he played against Cincinnati the two best defenders in center field at that time, Cedeño and César Gerónimo met (between the two they won 9 gold gloves between 1972 and 1976, corresponding to 5 to Cedeño). Cedeño also put his speed at the service of baseball. Six times he stole more than 50 bases and was always among the top five in the league. His career total of 550, the first among Dominicans, places him in 25th place in the MLB of all time. Only once did he push more than 100 runs (102 in 1974) and average above .300 three times. Three times Cesar would be in the postseason, 1980 and 1981 with Houston, but his visit to the World Series would be later in 1985 with San Luis, where he was an alternate player, in the outfield and first base. In that world series his batting was 15-2, while the Cardinals lost to Kansas City. In San Luis he had Joaquín Andújar as a companion. Houston would trade him to Cincinnati in December 1981 for third baseman Ray Knight. In 1982 he would be their center fielder, but he was no longer The Great Red Machinery. Sparky Anderson had left and César Gerónimo y Cedeño also met some stellar pitchers, including Tom Seaver and Mario Soto. The manager was John McNamara, who did not finish and was replaced by Russ Nixon. I would start a new life, more or less almost 4 seasons there. Because in August 1985 he was traded from Cincinnati to the St. Louis Cardinals, with such good fortune that even the World Series was his turn. The business was done on August 29, that is, before September entered, the deadline to play in the playoffs.

OF INTEREST: While MLB is super hot, here things are cold. There has been no further discussion of the collective agreement between Lidom and the Federation of Players. Although Vitelio Mejía told colleague Rolin Fermín that the matter is going well, but it is not yet over. The details are handled with discretion, but the month of June has arrived … How important is that? That usually for this date the calendar is already approved, and they also put on sale tickets for subscribers, those who buy the 50 games of the regular series, with a discount., .. Nothing has been done … Things Lidom pending: new president of the Eagles at the June 15 assembly, the manager of the Oriental Stars, and new manager of the Giants … Michael Jordan says he is “destroyed” by the murder of George Floyd, and it’s okay to say so. His figure has a lot of weight throughout the nation … The United States is on fire … In baseball, … the light is not yet seen at the end of the tunnel to define whether or not they will make a short season … Perhaps the owners prefer not to do it for decrease the losses .. The players would settle for something, even half of the half .. Meanwhile, time progresses amid the coronavirus… Yesterday I read that the Public Ministry of San Cristóbal is asking that they modify the sentence that weighs on the former baseball player Raúl Mondesí, sentenced to 8 years for corruption issues while he was a trustee of San Cristóbal (2010-16). That conviction was issued on September 20, 2017, but as Raúl’s lawyers appealed, he was left in house arrest … Still, this appeal has not been known, and the former baseball player is accused of having violated the home and who goes out for a walk every For this reason, the Public Ministry is requesting that he be sent to Najayo, as a preventive prisoner, while the other is decided. What will happen there? … Crime has been added to the American protesters for the death of George Floyd. Shoplifting is rife, and in New York Monday was a super scandal. Too bad… .The Detroit Tigers joined the clubs that have announced the monthly payment to their minor league players, for the stipulated time of the season of each league… Also Scott Boras, the super agent, said the same for the Ligaminorists who are clients of your company … and what does the local report of the covid-19 say? On Monday 180 new infected were reported, but 13 died, which is very bad …, The situation may worsen from today when the so-called “flying” are launched into the ring, with all its disorder and anarchy … Who controls those protocols? . Very difficult, if not impossible …

Here are some guest tweets from today:

ERICK ALMONTE. “More than half of my life tied to professional baseball, within those years I have seen 4 different Presidents rule. Neither me nor my teammates have ever been approached by a sports leader with a proposal to continue promoting baseball at all levels. ”

WILKIN CASTILLO: Bro I agree… baseball being the face of sport in this country. I do not understand why baseball is not given more support, # noseapoya # incredible.

PITTSBURGH PIRATES: “The murder of George Floyd is yet another in a long and sad list of acts of racial injustice that we must all denounce in our country. Our deepest condolences go out to the Floyd family and everyone affected. ”

FILIS: The Phillies organization is heartbroken over the suffering and anguish the black community is facing. We are in solidarity with those who peacefully protest change.

CUBS: The Chicago Cubs condemn racism in all its forms and denounce violence against members of the black community. Prejudice and discrimination have no place in our society.

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