Mini Vision Urbanaut: The minivan of the future will be digital and sustainable

Each signature in its own style and manner, but all are studying what the mobility of the future. One of the ones that has taken the most “turns” to this concept is Mini. The English house is a specialist in offering urban vehicles and premium positioning. However, changes in customer trends and tastes are causing their studies to evolve into positions that we would never have understood before. A Mini Minivan…?

Well, oddly enough, Mini’s relationship with MPVs is not new. The last time the firm created a prototype that fits this market segment was a couple of years ago. At that time it was a mere exercise in style, but they liked it so much that they have not thought about it and have given the green light to create a prototype. Its about Mini Vision Urbanaut that you see in these images and, about which we will tell you its secrets.

The mission of the Mini Vision Urbanaut is to be a showcase in mobility and sustainable use of materials …

As is clear, the aesthetics of the Mini Vision Urbanaut it is an evolution of the preceding concept. The lines that give it shape are futuristic and very simple, something logical if they want to offer the maximum habitability inside. Not in vain, with 4.46 meters in length and the wheels located in the four corners of the body want to emphasize this aspect. In addition, the passenger compartment can be configured in three modes: Chill, Wanderlust Y Vibe.

As Mini explains, the flexibility of the interior means that can be used as “an urban space for people when standing still”, as well as an electric urban mobility solution. But it is not the only aspect to promote. We refer to sustainable use of materials when designing, manufacturing and reusing when it reaches the end of its life cycle. To do this, among other ideas, it reduces the parts that shape its body and interior.

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Among the trinkets and technological gadgets we have a instrument panel, dashboard or steering wheel with a minimalist cut. There is also no shortage of seats with interchangeable covers that forget about hitherto common materials such as leather. In addition, as will also happen with future Mini models, it will also stop using elements and chrome trim. Finally, mention that when it is stopped, the steering wheel and pedals can be retracted.

With all world debut of the Mini Vision Urbanaut It will take place on July 1, 2021. The place chosen to carry out this event is the DLD Summer conference to be held in Munich (Germany). However, indicate that the chances of it reaching the assembly line are practically nil. Of course, some of its technical or style and design solutions will reach future models of the firm.

Source – Mini

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