miners disconnected in Venezuela and censorship in the United States

Key facts:

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the most equal distribution of wealth, according to Coin Metrics.

The digital euro could start trading within 2-4 years, according to Christine Lagarde.

Among the news of interest, this week is the disconnection of mining equipment in Venezuela by the state electricity company. Apparently, the government of that country is designing a new connectivity procedure to the National Electric System.

The price of bitcoin, for its part, follows the rally started a few weeks ago that maintains its price above USD 15,000, achieving an average growth of 3%. In the last seven days, the cryptocurrency has surpassed $ 16,000 several times. At the time of writing this article, BTC is trading at USD 16,238 as reflected in the price of the Latin American and Spanish market, according to the CriptoNoticias price calculator.

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These are the most outstanding news:

The state electric company, Corpoelec unplugged Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment in Carabobo state, Venezuela without a clear explanation. A miner who preferred not to identify himself, told CriptoNoticias that they are waiting for a meeting with the Ministry for Popular Power for Electric Energy (MPPEE) and the Sectorial Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services (VPSOPS). Meanwhile, in the United States, the DMG company announces the launch of a Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool and ensures that it will not validate transactions involving addresses that the government marked as suspicious. During an interview published by the YouTube channel Podcastn Out, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that money is a kind of game. He considers it very easy to configure and fulfills many useful functions, “this is what has led it to survive in society for thousands of years.” For its part, the analysis firm, Coin Metrics, publishes a report in which it states that bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest offer equality index (IIO). This means that their supply is distributed between the different addresses in a more equitable way than that of other crypto assets. The second largest financial institution in the world, the China Construction Bank, offered USD 3 billion of debt on November 13 through the Hong Kong exchange house Fusang. Another globally recognized entity, the Deutsche Bank (DB), also spoke about digital money and said that in the not too distant future central bank digital currencies will replace cash. Meanwhile, the president of the Central Bank of Europe, Christine Lagarde, commented that the digital euro could begin to circulate within 2 to 4 years. Liliana Schwindt, deputy of the Frente de Todos in Argentina, presented a bill in the National Congress that seeks to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The project was presented one day before the Together for Change block entered a project with similar objectives in the legislative palace on November 13. This second project was presented by Deputy Ignacio Torres. Both projects aim create a comprehensive regulatory framework applicable to civil and commercial transactions and operations of crypto assets, as a means of payment, savings or investment. On November 11, the Ethereum ecosystem suffered an unexpected chain split. The chain split occurred at delays in updating the clients of your nodes, among which the company Infura stands out. Infura reportedly ran an old version of the Geth client. It is a subsidiary of ConsenSys that manages most of these teams in services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). What happened has been seen as a warning about how fragile the consensus can be within a cryptocurrency project.

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To the moon / Mooning: expression used to refer to the sustained upward trend, or bullish, in the change of the price of a cryptocurrency. Talk about the sentiment of the market players. For example: bitcoin went “to the moon” when its price rose from $ 1,000 to almost $ 20,000 in a few weeks.

In Analysis with CryptoNews:

In this week’s edition of the audiovisual program dedicated to the analysis of the main ecosystem news, Héctor Cárdenas and Iván Gómez talk about how the regulation of mining endangers the censorship of Bitcoin. They refer to BlockSeer and its proposal not to validate those transactions that can be linked to a predetermined blacklist. They also talk about another narrative that has been fiercely marketed: decentralization. They talk about how the centralization of services on Ethereum compromises the network.

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