Minecraft received great Star Wars and the Mandalorian DLC

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The popularity of Minecraft has not stopped growing and is currently one of the most played titles. If you are part of its community, you should know that Mojang Studios prepared a big surprise for you, especially if you are a Star Wars fan.

The universes of both franchises were brought together thanks to a new DLC for the game. It is a content package that will not leave any fan of the galactic saga indifferent, as it includes surprises from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian.

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Minecraft and Star Wars universes joined in new DLC

Members of Mojang Studios said they were very excited about the new Minecraft content, as it represents one of the most epic crossovers and collaborations that the game has had throughout its history.

The DLC includes a map, a skin pack, special textures, mob skins, items, user interface tweaks, and licensed Star Wars music. Thanks to this, players will be able to enjoy content from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

As if that weren’t enough, the bundle also includes news from The Mandalorian, so The Child, also known as Baby Yoda, is now available in-game. Players will be able to adventure across 12 different biomes based on the saga.

If you want to enjoy this attractive package, take into account that it is available in the title’s Marketplace. You can get the DLC in exchange for 1340 Minecoins. Below I leave a trailer for you to know its content.

“Explore the galaxy in this epic Star Wars mash-up, featuring characters and locations from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian series. This is the way! ”Says the official description of the DLC.

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