When Microsoft acquired the creators of Minecraft, Mojang, there were many users who feared to see some restrictions and even the departure of the game from other rival platforms. However, the company not only maintained a neutral stance, but even worked with Nintendo and Sony to maintain a higher quality crossover game, focused on offering the best experience for players.

A mentality that we see again with the long-awaited announcement of the arrival of Minecraft PS VR, which after numerous delays, will finally be available to PlayStation 4 players. Still without a specific date, but set for this month, this new compatibility with PS VR would arrive through a common and free update for the main game, so players don’t need to do anything other than download that patch.

However, despite the fact that the first-person perspective of Minecraft is ideal for the jump to virtual reality, trying to break virtual bricks with our arms could be an excessive effort for many. Which is why Sony has decided to keep the gameplay intact and the necessary use of a DualShock 4 controller, limiting the new functionalities to the control of the camera and the general interface of the game.

Minecraft VR on PS4… and PS5?

One of the unknowns now is whether this Sony virtual reality device will also advance to the new generation of consoles, since despite the recent push with exclusive games like Iron Man VR, without a doubt Minecraft could play a fundamental role within the catalog of compatible titles. And it is that with more than 200 million copies sold, this game of humble origin is already one of the best-selling games of all time.

Something that, although it would be an incentive for the PS5 itself, would undoubtedly take on an even deeper interest for Microsoft itself, being able to “enter first hand” on the console of its main rival. And is that while Sony has already provided us with a small list with some of its new generation components and peripherals, the Redmond company has not yet advanced any details.

Although we have already heard various rumors about the possible return of his Kinect family, its old motion capture system, which could reach the new generation under an update that would make it compatible with the new functionalities of virtual reality and augmented reality.