Mojang Studios parks construction and survival to offer us a nice minimalist ARPG. Minecraft dungeons It is already a reality, we have faced thousands of enemies and we tell what we thought about our journey through their dungeons.

Note: Analysis performed using a code provided by Microsoft / Minecraft.

Microsoft changes third

It is still curious that badges from the Gears of War and Minecraft openwork have opted to offer us a very different experience than what we were used to for so many years. On the one hand, the Marcus Fenix ​​franchise has led us to fight strategic battles thanks to Gears of War Tactics. On the other hand, the phenomenon of Mojang Studios offers us a journey very similar to that of titles like Diablo. And is that Minecraft dungeons we have been surprised. For better and for worse.

The title that we have in hand shows your cards in just a few minutes and it is very easy to explain what it offers, so we are going to focus on the virtues and defects that it brings. First things first: What exactly is Minecraft dungeons? We could define it as a classic kill-kill, although perhaps the most correct thing to do is to classify it as an action RPG. A very simple and minimalist one, yes. It is very easy to learn to play – and even master it – since you hardly have to know that we can move, attack short and long distances and make use of skills. All said.

Lights and shadows in a family proposal

The main difference between Minecraft dungeons and other proper names of the genre is the absence of classes and distribution of attributes. Here all the characters can carry all the weapons and abilities of the game, being simply subject to the team that chance decides to put in our way. This results in a very light and simple experience, perhaps minimalist, that hardly demands anything from the player; no planning when it comes to shaping the character’s skills.

This is not a defect per se, although it must be said that the questionable loot of the title is not gratifying enough to make up for the shortcomings of such a simple experience. And it is not acceptable to receive half a dozen of the same weapons, whose power is well below our current level. As I say, this is a matter of the vagaries of chance and it does not always have to be this way, but when it happens, it gives rise to an experience that is too gray.

Duration is another of the most complicated issues to value in titles like this. Because it is not a matter of something as superficial as “being short” or “being long.” The number of hours is very relative, and the key lies in the elements that make the experience somewhat replayable or not. Unfortunately, the simplicity of the proposal, together with the loot problems and the limited variety of final bosses and missions lead to Minecraft dungeons to suffer a serious problem: it has very little travel. And this is precisely the opposite of what such a genre needs.

On the other side of the scale, we find the best we can say about the Mojang title: it’s fun. The controls respond perfectly, the games are very dynamic and the system of artifacts, abilities and improvements of the same ones do manage to provide that essential feeling of progress that invites us to enjoy one more game. This is very important, since we are facing a title that is not exactly free of problems, so we can not think of a better virtue to presume than that, to offer fun.

Another point in favor is, how could it be otherwise, in the attractiveness of enjoying such a title based on the Minecraft universe: Creepers, skeleton archers, Limes, Mobs or Redstone Golems are some of the unmistakable enemies to which we have to constantly face. Dungeons are riddled with them and we are often forced to resist waves, defeat final bosses, or solve a few simple puzzles.

Since we are talking about dungeons, it must be said that their number seems somewhat small, despite the fact that they are all perfectly differentiated and their interior design is generated randomly in each game. The theme, enemies and the final straight line are the same, but the arrangement of the treasures and the distribution of their rooms varies constantly. The effort to offer dynamism and encourage replayability is appreciated, but it would not hurt to exceed at least the dozen levels available.


Minecraft dungeons it is not a bad game; It offers fun and is ideal for quick games. It is also an interesting option for those players who do not finish daring with such a genre, since it is a most friendly and enjoyable experience. The problem comes when it falls into the hands of a user accustomed to proposals of this nature. And is that the new Mojang Studios knows little and is not without problems.

The feeling it leaves us is that some aspects should have been polished before reaching the market. For example, it is not yet possible to share data or play between Microsoft platforms. The loot imbalance obtained does not especially encourage replayability and the shortage of initial content results in the experience suffering too soon. In summary, we could say that Minecraft dungeons It is an interesting proposal, but it is located far, very far from any of the numerous alternatives that we can find in the genre. [65]