Minecraft Dungeons already has cross-play and could receive cross-save

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Minecraft Dungeons has been one of the most entertaining multiplayer experiences of all of 2020, but there was one thing it was missing: the cross-play option. Luckily this changed today, but that’s not the only thing on the way to the game to improve the player experience.

As announced last week, today, Tuesday, November 17, is the arrival of cross-play to Minecraft Dungeons. This means that dungeon crawler players have the opportunity to play with their friends no matter what platform they purchased it on.

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A few days before this news was revealed, at LEVEL UP we had the opportunity to chat with David Nisshagen, Minecraft Dungeons Executive Producer, about cross-play. There he detailed the option and also revealed that they plan to implement cross-save.

How does cross-play work in Minecraft Dungeons?

The first topic we touched on in the interview was how the Minecraft Dungeons crossplay will work. After all, it is an option that connects different platforms and each company has its own solution to do it.

David Nisshagen revealed to us that, as you can imagine, Minecraft Dungeons cross-play works very similarly to Minecraft. This means that you will have to log in with your Minecraft account to take advantage of it and that you will have the opportunity to play Dungeons with the friends you have in Minecraft.

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“It will work very similar to how it works in ordinary Minecraft, in that you can play a lot of platforms together. And we are also going to use the Minecraft account as the way to have your friends. If you’re on PlayStation, of course you can keep playing with your PlayStation friends, “explained Nisshagen.

In the talk, David Nisshagen also acknowledged that this is a feature that they are happy to release, as the community has been asking for it. He also noted that they have worked hard to make it serve as it should.

Minecraft Dungeons could have shared save data

It should be noted that cross-play is not only useful for players who have friends on other platforms. It is also useful for those users who want to play on various platforms. That said, for it to work for them, there also needs to be a way to get the save data around.

This is why I asked David Nisshagen if we will see an option that allows us to carry our Minecraft Dungeons progress from one console to another. Unfortunately the option will not be available for now, but it is something they plan to implement.

“For now it’s just cross-play. So you will only save your progress on the hardware you are playing on at the moment. Cross progression, saved in the cloud or whatever you want to call it, is something we have in mind. But it’s something that will take a little longer, because it’s one of those really difficult things to do, right? ”He explained.

According to Nisshagen, one of the big challenges of implementing save data is getting progress synchronized across all platforms automatically. This is to prevent players from losing progress or not feeling like they lose control over their saved games.

It is important to note that the Minecraft Dungeons team believes in game version parity. In other words, by the time the cross-save hits the game, it will be an option available in all versions of Minecraft Dungeons.

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What did you think of this news? Are you excited for the arrival of cross-play to Minecraft Dungeons? Tell us in the comments.

Minecraft Dungeons is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about the dungeon crawler by clicking here.