The campaign Taking Care of Who Cares, created by ILAMB, wants to help the well-being of health professionals acting on the front line to combat COVID-19. Is offering 3000 free places for the Introduction to Mindfulness Online course. Dr. Aline Cristina Camacho Ambrosio gives her testimony. “The course is very easy to run alone, the student’s discipline is enough to put the content into practice. The meditation tool is of great value to stay physically, psychologically and mentally healthy. Congratulations, Marina Neumann, for the initiative.”

In a recent article “Managing Fears and Anxiety about Coronavirus”, Harvard University recommends the practice of Mindfulness, also known as Full Attention in Brazil, to manage and deal with the challenges generated by the global situation. Chronic stress can overwhelm our immune system and cause anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Mindfulness practice improves well-being and helps regulate the emotional center of the brain, avoiding the stress produced by excessive exposure to the news about the epidemic and which can lead to the development of acute or chronic stress. When the mind is focused on the present, the rational part of the brain is involved. This can help to understand the news and understand its impact on the emotional state of each one, allowing to make decisions from a location of facts versus panic. Scientific studies show the positive impact of regular mindfulness practice in reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, in addition to generating better well-being, increasing immunity and developing greater emotional intelligence.

Emi Shimma, a psychologist at the STD / AIDS-SP Reference and Training Center, contracted COVID-19, says that her biggest challenge was dealing with the unpredictability of the virus. “At the onset of symptoms, the diagnosis is not always reliable, and it is not possible to predict the outcome of the situation. Mindfulness was an extremely important resource in this context, especially during the period of uncertainty. Mindfulness practices kept me in touch with sensations present in the body, thoughts and feelings, moment by moment. Thanks to mindfulness, I was able to clearly assess situations of risk and urgency. Mindfulness was fundamental for the management of stress: recognizing fears, letting go of unnecessary worries, keep calm in the midst of uncertainty. “

To apply for one of these vacancies, access the online form. People outside the profile for free, can also take the course. ILAMB offers 50% discount using the code QUEROAJUDAR until the end of June. In addition to the personal benefit, an additional free seat will be offered to a front-line professional fighting COVID-19.

Marina Neumann, founder of ILAMB, who is offering the vacancies, says that this way she wants to leave her contribution to these people who are risking their lives, to protect ours.


ILAMB was founded in July 2016 by electronic engineer Marina Neumann, who has been practicing meditation for over 20 years. ILAMB offers several programs focused on well-being and human development. Specialist in Mindfulness at Escola Paulista de Medicina / UNIFESP, instructor of the Mindfulness program for Cancer Patients at Bangor University and certified teacher of Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence program created at Google.


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