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The indie game SUPERHOT debuted in 2016, reaping good results thanks to an interesting game system. Since then, the developer in charge of the franchise has worked on more deliveries and today announced the third SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE and revealed that as a sign of her gratitude to fans, she will give this game away to everyone who has bought the game.

According to the official information of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, it is an independent game, but it is located in the SUPERHOT universe, so the facts will be connected to the game, but it is not necessary to have knowledge of the history of the original delivery.


This third iteration will feature more story, levels, special abilities, game mechanics, to such an extent that it will be bigger than its predecessors. The title will last approximately 12 to 15 hours, more if you are looking for 100%.

The development team started working on MIND CONTROL DELETE as a free standalone expansion since 2017 with the intention of offering more content to complement the SUPERHOT experience at no additional cost to those who had already acquired it, the title was in Early Access and after much development It ended up becoming a big game.

However, SUPERHOT Team will keep its word and will give away around 2 million copies of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE in total to all who have purchased the original game.

In case you missed it: SUPERHOT has sold millions of copies.


If you want to get this extra experience for free, you will have to have the game, but if you have not purchased it, you will have until July 16 to buy it, since only those who have bought the title before that date can claim SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL for free. DELETE. In case you have bought PlayStation 4, GOG, Steam and Epic Games Store, the title will automatically appear in your library within a few days after July 16.

Regarding Xbox One, players will receive a message via the system with a coupon to activate MIND CONTROL DELETE at no cost. Please note that users who got SUPERHOT for free through Games With Gold will not enter the promotion, just like people who got it for free on other subscriptions, such as Origin Access, Game Pass or Twitch Prime.

The title will not reach all platforms on which the base game is currently available, so alternatives will be offered. We leave you the emails to which you must send messages to get your free copy of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE depending on the platform on which you got it.

itch.io – send your purchase receipt to freemcdforitch@superhotgame.com to receive a copy of DRM-free SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE for PC.
Windows Store – send your purchase receipt to freemcdforwindowsstore@superhotgame.com to receive a copy of DRM-free SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE for PC.
Nintendo Swich – send your purchase receipt to freemcdforswitch@superhotgame.com to receive a free copy of DRM SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE for PC.
Origin Store – send your purchase receipt to freemcdfororigin@superhotgame.com to receive a copy of DRM-free SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE for PC.

If you don’t have a copy of the original delivery, don’t worry, you can purchase SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE separately when it becomes available, and even the SUPERHOT Team announced that there will be special packages to purchase the various franchise experiences.

How do you receive this news? Are you a fan of SUPERHOT? Will you claim your free copy of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE? Tell us in the comments.

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting July 16. The developer, however, hopes to bring the game to more platforms. If you want to know more about the franchise, we invite you to check its file or consult our review of the original title.

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