Mina and Álvarez take Guabirá to the South American group stage

04/08/2021 at 05:29 CEST

EFE / La Paz

The goals of the Ecuadorian Kevin Mina and the Bolivian Willan Álvarez finished sealing the pass of the Guabirá de Montero to the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana after the win by 1-2 of the ‘sugar growers’ in the house of the National Potosí. The squad of Argentine Víctor Hugo ‘Copito’ Andrada had the advantage of 4-1 achieved in the first leg and easily resolved their classification thanks to Mine (minute 14) and Alvarez (minute 82). Mario barbery had tied for the Red Band in the 69th minute.

Mina gave oxygen to the ‘sugar producers’ with the goal scored in the 14th minute and near the end of the first half had the option to extend the account, but Torrico deflected his shot. Minutes later, the Colombian Harold Reina scored a goal that was disallowed because the referee had previously whistled for a foul.

Nacional Potosí was able to go into halftime equaling the match with a penalty for a foul by Ibáñez against Gularte in the second minute of addition, however, the Uruguayan erred.

The changes made in the second half by Nacional’s strategist, the Bolivian Álvaro Peña, bore fruit in the 69th minute, when the newly incorporated Guaqui and Barbery had a combined play that allowed the second to score. But the joy did not last long for the locals, as Guabirá sentenced the game in the 82nd minute with a goal scored by Álvarez who knew how to take advantage of a Fran Supayabe center.