Milwaukee woman lost her dog and is surprised to find it for sale on Facebook

Marty is a small Shih Tzu who provides emotional support.

Photo: Alexander Körner / AFP / Getty Images

Leah Benoit is desperate to get back her pet that she lost during the morning of Tuesday, April 6. Despite the fact that he reported it to the authorities and posted an announcement on social media, found a post where someone has been trying to sell it through Facebook.

Marty is a dog that arrived at Benoit’s house on April 3 with the aim of providing emotional support for her mother who is ill.

A couple of days after his arrival, Marty ran away leaving his mother emotionally devastated. “We miss him so much,” Benoit said in an interview on Fox Channel 6.

When Benoit posted that his dog had gone astray he learned that someone had found Marty, however, instead of returning the dog a person has been trying to sell it.

Benoit found a video of his pet on Facebook showing a man announcing the sale of Marty. When his owner tried to communicate with him through a message, she was blocked.

“It’s been heartbreaking and I can’t believe anyone in their right mind can do that,” Benoit said. “I can not understand it”.

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In desperation, Benoit filed a complaint with the Milwaukee police who are already looking for little Marty and the man who has been trying to sell him.

“I’m not here to cause any problems, I just want to get my dog ​​back,” Benoit said.

Benoit still hopes that someone can help her get her pet back and that Marty can return to his family.

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If you know anything about little Marty you can contact the Milwaukee police at 414-935-7262 or email Benoit at

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