Milwaukee Bucks, victory options against Brooklyn Nets

The contemplations are over, if you have to die, let it be by killing. That is the spirit that has spread in the dressing room of Milwaukee bucks after the two severe corrections he received in the first matches against Brooklyn nets of his serious in NBA 2021 playoffs. It is evident that the offensive power of New Yorkers is clearly superior and that the only option of victory for those of Giannis Antetokounmpo They are games with very few points, rough and in which the defenses are the protagonists. Reducing the likelihood of multiple Nets stars finding comfortable pitching positions is a collective project, rehearsed on ESPN.

“We have to spoil their game to the maximum, be very aggressive in defense, spend 48 minutes with our ass down and squeezing. The defense wins games in these circumstances, if they score 83 points, like today, we will have every chance of winning”, commented Jrue Holiday, a key piece in the defensive gear that tried to stop Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Both stars were very lonely, seeing how Joe Harris was unable to maintain the exalted level of success that he had so far. “They did what they have to do, but we had options until the end, we also know how to play that style of basketball,” said Irving.

Milwaukee Bucks uses defensive strength as a weapon to try to beat Brooklyn Nets

The most impressive thing was to see the effort of a Giannis Antetokounmpo who played a whopping 43 minutes, like Khris Middleton, who reached 44 minutes on the court, both being vital for the victory of Milwaukee bucks. “It was a matter of competitive instinct, my heart tells me that the right decision is to go for it all and squeeze myself until the end. We haven’t scored much, but we knew it was going to be all very complicated. A victory is always a victory, it gives just how it is achieved “, declared the great star.

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