Milwaukee Bucks, decisions to stay top NBA

It is often said that the hardest thing is not getting to the top, but staying at it. That’s what it will look for Milwaukee bucks the next season, which after having returned to taste the honeys of triumph, seeks to generate a winning dynasty taking advantage of the youth and journey of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Many years have passed until they found the right key to surround the Greek with the specific players that will generate the ecosystem necessary for their success, but once they have done so they will have to move quickly and in a very intelligent way if they want to continue this project . These are the great crossroads that the management of the Wisconsin team will have to face in the coming months, according to ESPN.

How to reward Mike Budenholzer for his continuity?

The coach has been one of the great architects of the Bucks’ success and the way in which he has been able to read the needs of his star player denotes enormous intelligence. Clairvoyant when it comes to fitting in the new pieces that were coming to him and with a very remarkable decision-making timing, this coach has the world at his feet and depends on the Bucks management to continue on the bench. He will enter the last year of his contract and has the right to ask for a significant salary improvement if they want to retain him.

Financial engineering that leaves little room for movement

They have already committed a total of $ 481 million in the salaries of Antetokounmpo, Holiday and Middleton, which puts them in a dangerous situation since they will exceed the salary cap. Bobby Portis and Bryn Forbes have Player Option and lack sufficient monetary liquidity to reward their great performance this season. The most normal thing would be that they lose these two pieces that have been decisive in the title, while PJ Tucker also seems to have a foot and a half outside the city. The Bucks will have only veteran exceptions to be able to supply such relevant players in their rotation.

How can you improve the squad?

In case they see necessary the incorporation of bench players, they will have to do without any of the starters other than their particular Big 3. The great candidates to enter a transfer would be Donte Di Vincenzo, Pat Connaughton and Brook López. Another problem they have is the absence of picks in the first round of the NBA Draft 2021, which leaves them in a very compromised situation to efficiently surround their stars.

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