Millionaires because of video games


Over the years, the entertainment market has seen the entertainment industry video game takes greater importance, becoming a benchmark regarding the volume of income. Similarly, there are creative minds that have not only revolutionized the industry but have accumulated fortunes in excess of a billion dollars.

Hajime Satomi ($ 1.1 billion): The owner of Sammy entered fully into the development of video games thanks to the acquisition of Sega in 2004: Satomi has been in charge of diversifying the financial portfolio of this Japanese company and has bought shares in hotels, casinos and entertainment in South Korea.

Kagemasa Kozuki ($ 1.4 billion): He is known for being the founder and president of Konami, being in charge of the firm since 1969 when it started operations as a company to repair and rent music jukeboxes. Video games and machines pachinko have been decisive for its commercial success.

Markus “Notch” Perrson ($ 1.9 billion): Who gave life to Minecraft Not only did he establish a phenomenon, but he sold the iconic franchise to Microsoft. “Notch” has also captured pages of the press, thanks to his eccentricities such as acquiring a house in Beverly Hills with a value of more than 70 million dollars.

Yasuhiro Fukushima ($ 1.9 billion): He was in charge of founding the software firm called Enix, which would merge with Square to give rise to Square enix, where Fukushima serves as an honorary counselor. The Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises are a guarantee for constant financial returns.

Hiroshi Yamauchi ($ 2.1 billion): It is the main shareholder of NintendoIn addition, he was in charge of the great N for more than 55 years. Due to the commercial failure of the Wii U during 2013, his wealth decreased 17%, however, he has been able to compensate it without any problem thanks to the performance of the Nintendo Switch.

Gabe Newell ($ 4.0 billion): The owner of Valve has earned a place in history for offering us great sagas such as Half Life and Portal, in addition to having converted the platform Steam in a whole benchmark.

Kwon Hyuk-Bin ($ 4.4 billion): The organization Smilegate He is in his charge and is one of the most important software developers in South Korea, with Crossfire being his most prominent title.

Tim Sweeney ($ 5.3 billion): The CEO of Epic games has enjoyed its best moment for some years, not only because of the outstanding performance of the business it leads, but also because of the euphoria generated from the launch of Fortnite.

William Lei Ding ($ 27.6 billion): His empire originates from the internet company Netease and has reached commercial agreements to distribute in China large-scale productions such as World of warcraft, Hearthstone and Minecraft.

It will be interesting to know who will be the new personalities that jump to the fore of fame, thanks to the generation of new experiences that will benefit from the continuous technological advances and the potential of the new generation consoles.

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