SAN DIEGO- A San Diego woman filed a lawsuit against SeaWorld for charging her annual pass fees while the park remains closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit filed on May 8 requires SeaWorld to pay $ 5 million to members who are charged annual passes.

According to the lawsuit, Lisa Kouball said that
purchased four passes annually to attend SeaWorld San Diego and pays a total
$ 48.99 per month. But when SeaWorld San Diego closed in March, Kouball said
that on April 23 he had still been charged for his membership even though he had not
You have access to the parks.

“SeaWorld has made the unconscionable decision to continue charging its thousands of clients monthly membership fees while closing its amusement parks,” the woman in the lawsuit argues.

“The only reason that (SeaWorld) customers pay monthly membership fees is to have access to amusement parks and water parks. Now, the defendant is charging his clients the full price, ”according to the class action lawsuit, meaning that he represents a group of people affected by this situation.

Telemundo 20 contacted SeaWorld, but its spokesmen declined to comment on pending litigation.

On their website, SeaWorld said they are extending all active annual passes and membership products “for a minimum period until the temporary closure lasts.”

The park was closed from January 25.

They also stated that members with a
EZpay’s contract before the park closed and payments were not postponed,
“Will receive their exempt payments after the reopening of the park for a
period of time equivalent to the duration of the closure ”.

SeaWorld, a company based in
Orlando is developing a plan to reopen, but has not been announced.
no date.

The company suffered a net loss of
$ 56.5 million in first quarter earnings, while the
attendance broke records in early 2020, and collapsed by 31% as of
quarter end, March 31. Revenue fell 30% to
approximately $ 154 million.

After state officials
approve reopening of theme parks, could go from two to three
weeks before a park is ready to receive guests he said
Marc Swanson, Acting CEO.

Lisa Kouball is represented by
Ronald Marron Law Offices.

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