Millionaire and kind, the great gesture of Harry Styles to Emma Corrin

Millionaire and kind, the great gesture of Harry Styles to Emma Corrin (Instagram)

Millionaire and kind, the great gesture of Harry Styles to Emma Corrin | Instagram

The now popular series actress “The Crown”, Emma corrin and Harry Styles have a good friendship since they share many characteristics between them, one of the singer’s part is that he is very kind and a detail towards his friend would prove it, it was a very beautiful gesture!

It transcended in the last days that Harry Styles and the actress of the series NetflixBoth icons of great fame today are great friends and a gesture from the singer would be proof of their current relationship.

Both figures share more than just their origin, British artists have marked a paradigm, triumphing in music, film and television.

The one that once belonged to the most famous group of recent times, Harry Styles began his great take-off in music but has also taken his talent to acting on the big screen and now in a new film that would address his life, in addition to his incursion and taste for fashion that have led him to star on the cover of a magazine, without forgetting his work with philanthropy.

For her part, Emma Corrin, who has been crowned as one of the favorite actresses capable of embodying the life of Diana of Wales in the series “The Crown“, a role for which they already suspect could win several awards.

Now the two British phenomena also seem to unleash the imagination of some fans and the press who have brought them together with the idea that they would be a very special couple, this after they will realize that the musician walks Corrin’s puppy, proposing the idea of a possible “romance” between them.

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However, it is the opposite, apparently it is just one more gesture from the interpreter of “Adore You”. Harry Styles is a loyal dog fanatic so from time to time he is the one who takes the “The Crown” star’s pet for a walk.

It was the same English interpreter who told in his participation during the Jimmy Fallon program that the also composer, model and actor became the personal babysitter of his four-legged companion.

Something like that, let’s say he was babysitting my dog, yeah. What I liked most of all was that my dog ​​had no idea that he was being cared for by a Grammy winner. I think it is wonderful that for them the person who takes care of them is simply someone like anyone else, “replied the actress when asked about the reason why Styles has been caught walking his pet,” Walker. ”

No love story

As revealed by the English outlet Capital Film, the two are just great friends and both met thanks to some mutual acquaintances.

The love for these beings is very great on the part of the artist and when it comes to pampering them, he forgets who he is and does not care if they see him on the street taking them for a walk, so this would not be the only time that the interpreter of “Watermelon Sugar” has these kinds of gestures.

It is also worth mentioning that the artist, who is governed by the phrase “Treat People With Kidness” (treat people with kindness “) went viral last January precisely because of a tweet referring to this topic.

A person who was a witness would have detailed in the publication that while he was knocking on the door of a restaurant, which he was not allowed to enter because he was carrying his dog, a man touched his shoulder and offered to take care of him outside while he went for his food. Guess who it was?

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Yes, it was Harry Styles himself! once again the star shows a great human quality.