Millie Bobby Brown says fans aren’t ready to accept she’s growing up

But Millie is clear on one thing: she won’t let any of that put her off. She is excited about what is coming in the future and about all the different roles that she will play as she grows up. “I have fully accepted it“She said of her growth.” You know, I’m ready. I say, ‘It’s been a while.Let me wear a high heel! I’m not going to play girls anymore…. I don’t want anything to stop me, which I think is the most important thing. I want to evolve, “he said in his interview with MTV.

The actress was recently cast for the upcoming sci-fi movie The Electric State, where he will join a friendly robot to find his missing brother. He recently resumed filming last fall for Stranger Things. So we will see Millie in new ways.

We have recently seen her launch her Converse line and also a collection of sunglasses.