Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa go on tour in thrilling video for “Prisioner”

Miley Cyrus has been on fire with premieres and wholesale collaborations for the past few weeks. And it is not for less because in a few days it will launch Plastic Hearts, his seventh album. In the same way, Dua Lipa became one of the most outstanding singers of this 2020 with his album Future Nostalgia, full of retro pop vibes.

Well, both have come together to deliver “Prisioner”, song of which today they released a shocking official video full of party, madness and some eroticism. The theme, of course, is included in the aforementioned upcoming material album by the ex-Disney star.

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The video for “Prisioner”

No doubt Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa have become two of the most famous pop exponents of this 2020. Over the months and each one with its respective material, it has embarked on a musical parade full of retro influences ranging from rock of yore in the case of Cyrus, even disco music in the deliveries of the British interpreter.

And although we did not have a confirmed collaboration until recently, this possibility did not seem far off. Now, it’s more than a reality with the exuberant and powerful video they released for “Prisioner”, which promises to raise more than one to go out for an exciting nighttime adventure Well, that would cause if there was no pandemic involved.

Photo: YouTube Capture

In this audiovisual, the pair embark on a journey full of madness that begins with them driving a truck over the that an intense party is happening. The friction grows and they both start flirting while sharing a jar of cherries in quite a passionate burst of fun. Of course, towards the end we realize that this strange and crazy trip was to get to play in a small venue where the intensity continues.

For its part, the lyrics talk about the complicated attraction between two people while one tries not to fall in love succumbing to the charms of the other. And boy does the song sound quite different from other pieces of contemporary pop, since in this one you can appreciate the use of instruments such as a synthesized drums and some guitars.

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2020: The year of MIley and Dua Lipa

As we mentioned earlier, both Miley Cyrus as Dua Lipa they have remained as one of the singers most named of the year. The British of Albanian origin launched last February Future Nostalgia, an album that has been acclaimed by critics due to its combination of retro music with elements of contemporary pop, aspects that we have seen in singles such as “Break My Heart”, “Don’t Start Now” and “Physicial”.

Now, to close the year with a flourish, Miley is preparing for the launch of Plastic Hearts next November 27. Just a few days ago, the composer revealed the album’s tracklist that will include 12 songs, including collaborations with old rock legends like Joan Jett and Billi Idol, in addition to covers tribute to Blondie, The Cranberries and Steve Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. Here is the complete list.

“WTF Do I Know”

“Plastic Hearts”

“Angels Like You”

“Prisoner” feat. Dua Lipa

“Gimme What I Want”

“Night Crawling” feat. Billy idol

“Midnight Sky”


“Hate Me”

“Bad Karma” feat. Joan Jett

“Never Be Me”

“Golden G String”

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