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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the projects that generated the most attention during the PlayStation 5 event that took place in June. According to a new rumor, this product will be more attractive than originally planned, as it is said to include a remastering of Marvel’s Spider-Man that will harness the power of the PlayStation 5.

What happens is that a reddit user noticed that the number 327 of Game Informer magazine – which went on sale on June 30 – has a coverage of the PlayStation 5 event. At the time of talking about Marvel’s Spider-Man : Miles Morales, the magazine pointed out that it is a product that will be accompanied by a new version of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

« Miles Morales is not a traditional sequel, as it comes packaged with a remastered version of the Insomniac Spider-Man that takes advantage of PlayStation 5 hardware. Many have described Miles Morales as an expansion, but we imagine this project is similar to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which was built on the foundations of Uncharted 4, « notes the magazine.

The reddit user shared an image showing this part of the text. At LEVEL UP we review the digital edition of issue 327 of Game Informer magazine and confirm that the text appears there.

It is important to note that Game Informer is one of the most prestigious magazines in the world. In fact, they often have insider information on upcoming releases, and it’s common for them to do in-depth coverage of games in development, interviewing their creators and revealing interesting details.

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What does Insomniac Games say about it?

Now, although it comes from a reliable medium, the reality is that there is always the possibility that it is a mistake. So what does Insomniac Games say about it? At the moment, the study has said nothing.

Several weeks ago, a user asked the studio if Miles Morales will be an expansion of Marvel’s Spider-Man and if he would include that game. At that time the study only pointed out that « it is an individual game », which also does not finish answering the question.

We will keep an eye out and inform you if the study clarifies the situation.

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A rumor that leaves several questions

It must also be recognized that this is a rumor that leaves us with several questions. All related to the price and distribution of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

In the event that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales includes Marvel’s Spider-Man, the package may sell for $ 60. However, what would this mean for users who already own the 2017 game? Recall that the PlayStation 5 will be a backward compatible console and Marvel’s Spider-Man is expected to run on it. So we doubt that many are happy to pay for a game they already have.

This opens the door to the possibility that there may be different editions of Miles Morales. Some of them in packages that include Marvel’s Spider-Man for users who do not yet have the game for PlayStation 4 and want to try it before enjoying their individual expansion.

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And you, what do you think about this rumor? Do you think it could be real? Tell us in the comments.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is in development for the PlayStation 5. You can learn more about this Sony console project by clicking here.