The ultra-liberal economist and media Javier Milei came out to answer the criticism for having collected the Emergency Assistance to Work and Production (ATP).

The website El Destape reported that Milei is among the beneficiaries of Ansés in its activity of advisory services, direction and business management. He collected the ATP designed to assist companies in crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic on May 7.

Milei, criticized the quarantine and the state intervention, was pointed out for the inconsistency of having received a national subsidy.

Milei explained that since ATP is a benefit requested by employers and not employees, it was the company he works for that asked for state assistance, La Nación reported. In addition, the economist took the opportunity to quote a tweet from Santoro.

“Look at what the unofficial spokesman for Alberto Fernández published 10 days ago. The tweet threatens those who criticize the government. Do you not know that ATPs are requested by companies, not by individuals? Is the worker responsible for the way his employer finances? App Caring = Terrorism, “wrote Milei.

And he counterattacked: “Will Leandro Santoro, the AFIP and Ansés know that revealing fiscal information constitutes a crime? Will President Alberto Fernández look the other way in the face of such a violation of individual guarantees? Will he endorse the persecution by the State of whom he thinks different?”.