Milan summary and goals

05/16/2021 at 10:53 PM CEST

X. Serrano

To the Milan the pressure could. The ‘rossoneri’ had to win at Cagliari, with nothing at stake, to ensure his return to the Champions League but they did not go beyond the 0-0 draw. A setback that could be very expensive. Despite having the ‘goal average’ won by Naples, tied with the same points, and Juve, fifth with one less, those of Pioli they visit the Atalanta on the last day. The rival ‘a priori’ more complicated, since the ‘partenopei’ receive the Verona and the ‘bianconeri’ travel to Genoa.




Donnarumma; Calabria (Dalot, 63 ‘), Kjaer, Tomori, Theo Hernández; Bennacer (Meïté, 63 ‘), Kessie; Saelemaekers (Leao, 46 ​​’), Brahim Díaz (Castillejo, 57′), Çalhanoglu (Mandzukic, 89 ‘); Rebic.


Cragno; Cappitelli (Klavan, 86 ‘), Godín, Carboni (Rugani, 88’); Nández, Deiola (Asamoah, 86 ‘), Marin (Duncan, 78’), Lykogiannis; Nainggolan; Joao Pedro and Pavoletti (Cerri, 78 ‘).


Davide Massa. TA: Kjaer (34 ‘), Calabria (58’) / Marin (40 ‘), Carboni (45’).


Game played behind closed doors at San Siro corresponding to matchday 37 of Serie A.

The first thing that is worth highlighting is the professionalism and competitive demand of the Sardinian team, which shortly before the start of the game had mathematically confirmed its permanence. But even so, the ‘rossoblu’ team made it clear from the beginning that if the Milan he wanted to take all three points should he win it on the pitch. They weren’t going to give anything away.

How to do it if you have players like Nahitan Nández? The Uruguayan, pure waste on the right wing, tied short Theo Hernandez. He punished his back and held his rises. First bad indicator for the Milan, that still without the injured Ibrahimovic he was losing one of his most prized and recurring offensive resources.

But it was not only Nández. The Cagliari in full it acted as a solid block that blocked the ‘Rossonera’ creation zone, unable to attack with continuity. The only clear chances before the break came from long shots. Calabria brushed the square with a shoe and Rebic forced the saving flight of Cragno. The Croatian tried to pull the car, to exercise his seniority in such a new team. It was evident in his constant unchecking or by how he asked for intensity in the pressure.

But both the momentum of Rebic like the intermittent interventions of Çalhanoglu they hardly disturbed the solid Cagliari. The challenge jeopardized the mental toughness of the Pioli. More and more anxious, without ideas in the rival field. The Sardinian cadre, on the other hand, needed very little to implement its plan. It was enough to find space to Nainggolan or Joao Pedro and let them create. In one of these the Brazilian put a center to Pavoletti, who nodded against the body of Donnarumma.

The Cagliari was going to more and the Milan, blurred, played with fire. Had to reappear Donnarumma to get his team off the embers in a header from Godin. Notice captured. The ‘rossonero’ team took a step forward, smooth for the final arreón. Not fluent but with heart, scared Cragno in two poisoned shots. Çalhanoglu he even ran into the stick. But the Lombard bravery found no reward and everything will be decided in one last day of heart attack.

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