The sworn statement of assets of the director of communications and spokesperson for the presidency, Milagros Germán, for some 186 million pesos, has raised the « hornet’s nest » on social networks causing a wave of comments on the subject.

One of them was that of the communicator Sergio Carlo, who defended « La Diva » from those who doubt the origin of her fortune and explained that she has worked her heritage alone and no one has given her anything.

The Dominican presenter based in Atlanta is known for saying things the way he thinks, so he did not hesitate to respond to those users who have questioned the assets of the prominent communicator.

« Milagros has worked that heritage on her own and whoever understands the contrary must present evidence« , Asserted Carlo and continued his defense saying: »She has been a woman that nobody absolutely nobody has given her anything”, He declared.

Sergio Carlo, who worked with Milagros for several years in his program “Chévere Nights” explained that this heritage “it is the answer to a good income and good investments in real estate … Milagros has worked that money herself … seen through these eyes« , said.

While users of social networks continued to « attack » the host of « El Antinoti », he came out in defense of Germán. Sergio Carlo said that for years the program that was broadcast Monday through Friday on Telesistema at 10 at night, billed several million pesos.

Other figures who defended Milagros were the communicators Miralba Ruiz and Karina Larrauri.

Through his Twitter account, Miralba wrote: “I have no commercial relationship with @MilagrosGermanO but all of us in this business know that Chevere Nights has been one of the programs with the highest turnover in this country and Milagros one of the figures best paid commercials ”.

And he added: “The Diva @MilagrosGermanO is not a talent paid for by a channel. Milagros has been a very successful media entrepreneur for decades, creating jobs and producing content with a lot of commercial support ”.

In that sense, the actress and communicator Karina Larrauri referred to the issue saying that “We have taken over the networks to spit judgments without reason @MilagrosGermanO is an example of work and progress. He deserves what he has in affection and resources. Vertical, serious and honest communication worker. I bet you Diva dear !!!! ”.

The name of Milagros Germán has been a trend on social networks since it was reported how much her assets amount to.