Mila Ximénez begins a new treatment in her fight against cancer

Mila Ximénez is living one of the more complicated stages of their life. Since lung cancer was detected last summer, the veteran Sálvame collaborator has maintained a relentless fight against the disease that is now taking a new turn.

As reported by Lecturas, a magazine in which she also collaborates, the journalist undertakes a new stage in your battle against cancer.

After having been admitted to the La Luz hospital in Madrid for a few days, Ximénez was discharged and, according to the information in the magazine, she did so with hopeful news and starting a new treatment.

Now she is at home, accompanied by her family: his brothers and daughter Alba, who has traveled from Amsterdam to be close to his mother.

In its information, the magazine points out that the team of doctors who carry it concluded that it it was better for her to stay in until she knew the results and mark the new steps to follow.

The collaborator’s trust in them is blind. Mila’s fight continues.