Mikel Arriola concludes work sessions with clubs

From the Editorial Office

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, February 19, 2021, p. a11

Mikel Arriola, executive president of the Liga Mx, concluded with the first work meetings he held with the 18 clubs of the First Division, which began on January 11 and in which the urgency of recovering economic growth in unity was pointed out and sports in the soccer industry, slowed down last year by the health crisis.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Liga Mx assured that both parties agreed on the primary need to protect the health of players, players, coaching staff and fans in this coronavirus pandemic, applying the tests according to the established calendar and respecting the protocols prepared with the Ministry of Health.

Structure and growth

Likewise, he indicated that these sessions fulfilled the objective not only of publicizing the new administration of the contest, but also of showing in depth the structure, infrastructure and vision of each of the competition’s member institutions, seeking to generate joint strategy for the growth of soccer in Mexico.


He explained that these meetings also served as an exchange of best practices and objectives to improve in each of the areas that make up the Liga Mx, for this reason agreements were concluded around the construction of work tables with specific purposes to achieve progress structured and a prompt and aligned decision-making in favor of soccer in Mexico.

He explained that, in turn, the clubs “presented their organizational schemes, their new infrastructure projects, their strategies in strengthening basic forces and women’s soccer, the way they reinforce their identity with their fans and their internationalization plans, same that are aligned with the objectives of the League.

In addition, they put on the table proposals to improve the show, which will be analyzed and open to dialogue, to offer a better sport to the fans.