One of the best players in the major leagues and star of the Los Angeles Angels, Mike Trout, He does not know if he will participate in the 2020 MLB season, due to health concerns from Covid-19 that could put his wife’s pregnancy at risk.

“The most important thing is that this is our first child,” Trout said in a video call to the media. “I have to be there if the result is positive, I can’t see the baby for 14 days. We would be upset. I have to keep Jess (my wife) safe. I have to keep the baby safe. … I try to talk to my Wife every night about this. I know I’m taking a risk. I could meet someone and get this virus. That’s the last thing I want to do. I’m considering with my wife whether or not I play. “

The center fielder is one of the stars of the Angels, who ended last season with. 291 batting percentage, which, in turn, prevented him from finishing for the third season in a row above. 300 in that category.

This week, several players have decided not to play this campaign. The initial star Ryan Zimmerman and pitcher Joe Ross, de Nationals champions are two of those players who preferred not to play this year out of concerns about catching the new coronavirus outbreak.

“I love baseball. I love playing this game. We all want to play. It will all come down to how safe we ​​will be. If there is an outbreak or something happens in the next few weeks, we have to reconsider,” added Trout.

The players in the Big leagues They have the option of not participating and receiving their prorated salary as long as they and their family are more susceptible to contracting the virus. They may also decide not to gamble despite the fact that they become ill and the virus is not potentially dangerous because of their circumstances, but they would have salary cuts.