Miguel Moreno Tripp: The Empire Strikes Back

Miguel Moreno TrippMiguel Moreno Tripp Source: Courtesy

Surely the sstar wars aga has been the most successful in the history of world cinema, not only because of the amounts of money that the product of George Lucas’s brilliant mind has generated, but also because it has influenced at least two generations, plus those that accumulate.

In accordance with Forbes, the first six films grossed more than $ 4.4 billion worldwide since 1977. In addition, every dollar of ticket office generates $ 4 worth of merchandise, about $ 19 billion a year, plus video game (US $ 3.4 billion) and books (US $ 1.8 billion). In 2012, Disney bought the franchise for $ 4.05 billion with everything and LucasFilm.

There are other empires supposedly “they attack”, Which are part of another saga that we have already seen several times and that are re-released from time to time by countries whose economies have failed and need to blame. The biggest one does not respond, because it is politically incorrect – in addition to wasting his time – to be the abusive one.

Who is the big man on duty? It is interchangeable. About 150 years ago, it was the English. Possibly, in 10 to 30 years it will be China. From the Second World War to date, and for several decades more, it is the United States. Of course, small governments – in every sense of the word – of small countries, keep quiet about all the effort and sacrifice that is needed to have a successful economy. (Here you can insert the string of comments that the big man grew up at the expense of small countries. Keep it up and see where you get.

It seems that Mexico is preparing the ground, with provocative rudeness, in order to try to convince – those who believe it – that all the evils that are going to afflict Mexico will begin to be caused by the big man in turn. Nothing to see that we are bad for occurrences or for the profiles of those who do not know anything about anything, but who are in charge of even secretaries of state. Corruption it is putting – and accepting – jobs of which you have not the remotest idea.

The problem for Mexicans is that, kafkaesque, we will be kicking the best and most important partner we have and that what will be achieved is only to end more companies on this side of the border – still more than a million companies that have closed this year- and that they are the source of both work and taxes. Let us not forget that there are sins – and crimes – by action, but also by omission.

Let’s see some figures. Consulting FRED (of the Saint Louis FED), we see that, in January 1985, US $ 1,303 million were exported per month; By December 1993, the last month before NAFTA came into effect, US $ 3,292 million per month were exported. In all of 1993, US $ 39,918 million were exported and from 1985 to 1993, total exports were US $ 243,541 million.

NAFTA-era exports totaled US $ 5,239,331 million, about twice the size of the Mexican economy. In 2019 alone, US $ 357,971 million were exported, almost US $ 981 million per day or US $ 41 million per hour. In the T-MEC era, until November 2020, they go to US $ 122,661 million. Do we really want to fight with our best and greatest partner? .

Spoiler alert: the saga of blaming the “empire” always ends in the sacrifice of the people of the country who become the victim. Definitely, I do not recommend seeing – or living in your own flesh – that movie.

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