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Miguel Luis Y Sammy perezthey made for several years an excellent dumbbell that led them to be protagonists of some of the segments of the programs of Eugenio Derbez, so Miguel Luis, when questioned by his partner, showed the affection with which he will remember him, breaking down in tears when talking about the actor,

And it is that in the middle of an interview for the morning Hoy, Miguel Luis, Sammy’s dear colleague, did not control the crying as he spoke of the close friendship he had with his deceased partner.

(I feel down, because believe it or not, friends who are watching us and fans, we were, not friends, more than friends, brothers over 23 years old. Whenever we finished late, there was a camaraderie and we went to dinner, “said the actor as he remembered how they tried to liven up their work nights.

“(I will remember him) as a person loyal to his workLike a big brother, he will always be with me, ”said the actor, interrupting his speech by starting to cry. “It’s hard, but I have to resume my artistic career later and do things in memory of him”She shared through tears.

About Sammy’s fiancee, Zuleika Garza, she did not want to deny the rumors that circulate around her, where they accuse her of having abandoned the actor and fled with her cards, which she has already denied.

Despite this, Miguel said that he does not know Garza, but he does not even have an interest in her because he does not agree with the way he acted since he assured that he would have “played” with his partner. “I hope it never happens to her, or they make her, a little game like the one they wanted to play with my partner, but everything in this life is paid”.

Zuleika Garza and Sammy Pérez were engaged to be married (Photo: @sammyperez_xhderbez)

And it is that, contrary to what Eugenio Derbez had assured, last night Mars who was Sammy’s girlfriend assured that she did not hide or run with her partner’s accounts, and even assured that she continues in Colima with her family.

After the actor passed away the past July 30 by COVID-19, several versions came out about how his last hours were and who paid the millionaire hospital bill, so Derbez soon showed his condolences to Sammy’s family and support them financially, while Zuleika had not been seen even by her nephews.

The representative of the comedian assured that Garza is also very affected by the death of his romantic partner. “It’s wrong, I think it’s going through a very difficult time”He commented by phone in Hoy.Zuleika Garza denied having left her boyfriend Sammy Pérez before dying (Photo: Instagram / @ sammyperez_xhderbez)Zuleika Garza denied having left her boyfriend Sammy Pérez before dying (Photo: Instagram / @ sammyperez_xhderbez)

On the other hand, Eugenio Derbez said during a meeting with the press at the Mexico City International Airport: “The supposed girlfriend He admitted him and left him and then, when he saw that he had to pay, he disappeared. We do not know where it is, but it has indeed disappeared ”.

Faced with these accusations, Zuleika assured that she had decided go into isolation, as recommended by her doctor, because, like Sammy, she was infected with COVID-19, but was still at home, without any card of who her partner was.

“The truth is that I am devastated, first I want to clarify two things. I am not here, I have not fled, I have not hidden, here I am in Colima. Sammy Pérez’s nephew, Daniel Pérez and Jessica Pérez have said many things about me, that I left with the bank accounts, there is the video where I sent them the things, I did not abandon it, I was in isolation as the doctor told me”, He assured in a telephone interview for the program Es Show de Multimedios.

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