Miguel Herrera’s daughter attacks Santos Laguna and Joao Maleck, .

Recently, Mishelle Herrera, daughter of “Piojo”, attacked all those who questioned Miguel Herrera’s statements, in which she reiterated her desire to have Renato Ibarra again.

This Monday, he returned to the attack, but sarcastically touched on the Maleck Case. The coach’s daughter questioned on her Twitter account why the media were not criticizing Santos for “waiting with open arms” for the footballer, who is still in prison.

“Why don’t I see all the outraged media knowing that Joao Maleck Santos is waiting for them with open arms, they even sent him training routines?” Mishelle wrote.


Some followers backed her up with answers such as: Because they don’t sell, just the Ame feeds them and that’s why they get angry, what about Renato was unfair that they sent him to the Atlas, hopefully he returns so that the antis will burn more.

In recent weeks the version has emerged that the footballer can be released, after paying a deposit. Maleck is in prison in Guadalajara, after being charged with murdering two people in a car accident.

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