Some days ago Miguel Herrera He pointed out that, due to the ideology he feels for the cream-blue colors, he sees it very difficult to direct Chivas. However, in the recent past it was a truly viable option even above the ‘Peeled‘ Almeyda, who had a brilliant step through the grado Sacred Flock ’.

According to information from ESPN, José Luis Higuera looked for ‘Louse‘ behind the step of this by Xolos; However, the regulatory situation in Liga MX prevented him from arriving during the current tournament. This ruled out the signing of Miguel Herrerawho later returned to Coapa.

“We had what to expect regulatory time to be able to take a team again and you needed to have a technician. For that circumstance they leaned towards a technician with whom they did extraordinarily well as it was with Matías Almeyda. Then I went back to America and it went quite well for me. I said it: today would be very difficult, I don’t think I have the head to direct Chivas ”said the cream-blue technician.

Miguel Herrera He was clear in pointing out that he would never close the doors to any Mexican soccer team. However, he stated that the ideology that characterizes him and the titles he has reaped in the nest would hinder their arrival at Chivas.

“I do not close doors. But I understand that my Americanist stocka, what I have done with America, what the kids have given me with the success they have had, I become the most winning coach in American history and it would be completely illogical if he were to lead the archrival. Amaury Vergara He also said that he would not look for me, my profile is more appropriate to America than Chivas“Ended.