Miguel Cabrera out of the line-up with the Detroit Tigers

The Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera will be outside of the line-up with the Tigers of Detroit in today’s game against the Cleveland Indians at the Big leagues.

After the Detroit team’s lineup against the Aborigines was revealed, fans witnessed it was missing. Miguel Cabrera. However, sources to MLB reported that AJ Hinch decided to give him rest after feeling cramps in his body.

Cabrera, who had a good start to the season with the Tigers hitting his 488th career homer in the MLB, will have Sunday’s game break at line-up.

The strategist of the Bengalis expressed that the Venezuelan was going to have a rest at some point in the 2021 campaign of the Big leagues and that today seemed to be a good day.

“Nothing that worries me right now,” said AJ Hinch, after leaving Miguel Cabrera outside of the line-up on the MLB.