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Last weekend and on the occasion of his 65th birthday, Miguel Bosé reopened the social networks that he had voluntarily closed last September, after ensuring that these “do not allow free expression”, “exercise censorship and control of information and the contents ”.

The Spanish singer deleted all the photos that he had posted on his Instagram account in the past and revealed five new images, with “inspiring” messages.

“I think there is no better day to celebrate the return, celebrate life, celebrate the universe and give thanks for everything that during this absence has filled our hearts”; “But above all to celebrate the truth”; “Today I am turning 65 years old that I am proud to walk and that will soon be active. From here I’m going to count them ”; “I love you with the same strength, perhaps a little more lucid, kinder and more blessed than you used to, but my determination and my purposes in life have been strengthened and enlightened”; “I am and now I know it well. Hugs from the heart ”, were the five messages he wrote in two photographs.

But that was not all. Shortly after, he revealed that he will offer his first interview on Spanish television in several years on Sunday, April 11, specifically on the program “Lo de Évole”. Jordi Évole, who has promised that an “intimate” Bosé will be shown in the space, will talk about his addictions, his relationship with his father and how he feels when he turns 65, among other things. “A unique interview”, has assured Évole.

Also, the journalist shared on his Twitter account a preview of some of the responses provided by the singer.

“How long have you not given an interview on Spanish television?” He asks, to which Bosé replies: “Five years, six years”.

“In recent months there have been times when you have made me suffer. How are you? ”Continues Évole. “How do you see me”, answers the singer.

“What’s wrong with your voice?” Asks the journalist directly. “My voice, which comes and goes. Now I can speak,” says Bosé, who assures that there are times when he has not even been able to do so.

But nobody saw you! “, Évole tells him, to which the singer replies” And who do you want me to teach! “

Next, the journalist asks him about Lucía Bosé, mother of the singer who died in 2020. “Did your mother have coronavirus?” Évole raises and Bosé answers bluntly: “My mother did not die of covid and that has to stop now.”

Later, the artist assures: “I have lived wild years, drugs, sex to the beast, and one good day I woke up and said ‘it’s over’. I have left everything, everything, everything seven years ago. Only”.

The preview ends with Évole asking him if he has become more conservative with age. “No, I have become more lucid,” replies the singer.

Jordi Évole’s interview with Miguel Bosé will be broadcast on April 11 at 9:25 p.m. in Spain.

By: El Universal